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100 Twin Girl Names With Special Meanings From Around the World

Having twin girls is a rare blessing and a delightful miracle. However, it also means double the work and double the effort. Though it will be challenging, that does not make the experience any less special. And with two great additions to the family, they need great names that represent how truly incredible they are.

Sure, you can choose names with nice alliteration or names that rhyme for your twin girls, but you should also consider names with deeper meanings from around the world. Consider the origin of two names and how they pair together to symbolize something wonderful to instill into your twin girls. Or mix and match names across cultures that have similar meanings. Whatever you choose, this list of twin girl names is here to help.

Explore these twin girl names and their origins and meanings to find the perfect name for your two bundles of joy. 

Here are 100 twin girl names inspired by different countries and cultures.

20 Twin Girls Names of European Origin

  1. Isabella and Sophia (Italy) – Isabella means “pledged to God,” while Sophia means “wisdom”
  2. Emilia and Sofia (Spain) – Emilia is a variant of Emily and means “rival,” while Sofia means “wisdom”
  3. Amélie and Élodie (France) – Amélie means “hardworking” or “industrious,” and Élodie means “foreign riches”
  4. Mila and Lila (Russia) – Mila means “gracious” or “dear,” and Lila is a variant of Lilian and means “lily”
  5. Anna and Maria (Greece) – Anna is a form of the name Hannah and means “grace,” while Maria is a variant of Mary and means “bitter” or “beloved”
  6. Freya and Astrid (Norway) – Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of love and beauty, while Astrid means “divinely beautiful”
  7. Clara and Lucia (Spain/Italy) – Clara means “clear” or “bright,” and Lucia means “light”
  8. Emma and Olivia (Germany/Italy) – Emma means “universal,” while Olivia may mean “olive tree” or “peace”
  9. Ingrid and Signe (Sweden) – Ingrid means “beautiful” or “fair,” and Signe means “victorious”
  10. Isla and Skye (Scotland) – Isla is the name of a Scottish river, and Skye refers to the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Names for Twin Girls Whose Meanings Pair Well

Being creative with the pairing of names for twin girls is a great way to represent your daughters’ uniqueness. Look into names that have the same or similar meanings in different cultures or languages. Or look for names that come from the same culture or language but have different meanings that pair well together. Take these names of German origin for example, Sophie and Matilda. Their meanings of “wisdom” and “mighty in battle” are not necessarily that similar. However, they can be paired together to represent fighting battles not only with physical strength but also power of the mind. See what other meanings you can create with these names.

  1. Sophie and Matilda (Germany) – Sophie is a variant of Sophia and means “wisdom,” while Matilda means “mighty in battle”
  2. Beatrice and Giulia (Italy) – Beatrice means “she who brings happiness,” and Giulia is the Italian form of Julia, meaning “youthful”
  3. Eleanor and Charlotte (England) – Eleanor means “bright” or “shining one,” and Charlotte means “free man” or “petite”
  4. Elena and Valentina (Russia/Italy) – Elena is a variant of Helen and means “light,” while Valentina means “strong” or “healthy”
  5. Celine and Camille (France) – Celine means “heavenly,” and Camille means “young ceremonial attendant”
  6. Katarina and Anika (Sweden/Germany) – Katarina is a variant of Katherine and means “pure,” while Anika is a diminutive of Anna and means “grace”
  7. Orla and Saoirse (Ireland) – Orla means “golden princess,” and Saoirse means “freedom”
  8. Daria and Natalia (Russia) – Daria means “wealthy” or “possessor of goodness,” and Natalia is related to “Christmas” or “birth”
  9. Clara and Rosa (Spain/Italy) – Rosa means “rose,” and Clara means “clear” or “bright”
  10. Magdalena and Helena (Poland/Greece) – Magdalena is a form of Magdalene and means “from Magdala,” while Helena means “light” or “torch”

20 Twin Girls Names of African Origin

  1. Adanna and Adanne (Igbo, Nigeria) – Adanna means “father’s daughter,” and Adanne means “mother’s daughter”
  2. Nia and Imani (Swahili, East Africa) – Nia means “purpose,” and Imani means “faith”
  3. Zuri and Amara (Swahili/Igbo, East/West Africa) – Zuri means “beautiful,” and Amara means “grace” or “immortal”
  4. Nefertari and Nefertiti (Ancient Egyptian) – Nefertari means “beautiful companion,” and Nefertiti means “the beautiful one has come”
  5. Kaya and Nia (Swahili, East Africa) – Kaya means “home,” and Nia means “purpose”
  6. Zahara and Amina (Swahili/Arabic, East Africa) – Zahara means “flower” or “blossom,” and Amina means “trustworthy” or “faithful”
  7. Sade and Ngozi (Yoruba/Igbo, Nigeria) – Sade means “crown” or “honor,” and Ngozi means “blessing”
  8. Ayana and Asha (Amharic/Swahili, Ethiopia/East Africa) – Ayana means “beautiful flower,” and Asha means “life” or “hope”
  9. Amara and Chiamaka (Igbo, Nigeria) – Amara means “grace,” and Chiamaka means “God is beautiful”

Names With Beautiful Meanings That Sound Good Together

  1. Leila and Amina (Arabic/Swahili, North/West Africa) – Leila means “night,” and Amina means “trustworthy” or “faithful”
  2. Ife and Ogechi (Yoruba/Igbo, Nigeria) – Ife means “love,” and Ogechi means “God’s time”
  3. Kehinde and Taiwo (Yoruba, Nigeria) – Kehinde means “the second-born of twins,” and Taiwo means “the first-born of twins”
  4. Amani and Safiya (Swahili/Arabic, East/North Africa) – Amani means “peace,” and Safiya means “pure” or “sincere”
  5. Nala and Zola (Zulu, South Africa) – Nala means “gift” or “beloved,” and Zola means “peace” or “quiet”
  6. Kamaria and Ashanti (Swahili/Akan, East/West Africa) – Kamaria means “moonlight,” and Ashanti refers to the Ashanti people of Ghana
  7. Amira and Layla (Arabic, North Africa) – Amira means “princess,” and Layla means “night”
  8. Zahara and Khadija (Swahili/Arabic, East/North Africa) – Zahara means “flower” or “blossom,” and Khadija means “premature child”
  9. Malaika and Samira (Swahili/Arabic, East/North Africa) – Malaika means “angel,” and Samira means “companion in evening talk”
  10. Amina and Halima (Arabic, North Africa) – Amina means “trustworthy” or “faithful,” and Halima means “gentle” or “patient”
  11. Nyota and Taraji (Swahili, East Africa) – Nyota means “star,” and Taraji means “hope”

20 Twin Girl Names of Caribbean Origin

  1. Zaria and Zalika (Jamaica/Caribbean) – Zaria means “princess,” and Zalika means “well-born”
  2. Kai and Tia (Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean) – Kai means “sea” or “ocean,” and Tia means “aunt” or “princess”
  3. Amara and Ashanti (Caribbean) – Amara means “grace,” and Ashanti refers to the Ashanti people of Ghana
  4. Imani and Jamila (Jamaica/Caribbean) – Imani means “faith,” and Jamila means “beautiful”
  5. Aiyana and Zuri (Caribbean) – Aiyana means “eternal blossom,” and Zuri means “beautiful”
  6. Sanaa and Kamilah (Caribbean) – Sanaa means “work of art” or “brilliance,” and Kamilah means “perfect”
  7. Ayana and Nyala (Caribbean) – Ayana means “beautiful flower,” and Nyala means “mountain goat” or “antelope”
  8. Nia and Sankofa (Jamaica/Ghana) – Nia means “purpose,” and Sankofa is an Akan symbol meaning “return and get it,” symbolizing learning from the past
  9. Zola and Nandi (Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean) – Zola means “peace” or “quiet,” and Nandi is a Zulu name meaning “sweet” or “delightful”
  10. Ayoka and Akilah (Caribbean) – Ayoka means “one who brings joy,” and Akilah means “intelligent” or “wise”

Common Names That Have Different Meanings in Caribbean Culture

  1. Amaya and Isabella (Caribbean) – Amaya means “night rain,” and Isabella means “pledged to God”
  2. Malaika and Safiya (Caribbean) – Malaika means “angel,” and Safiya means “pure” or “sincere”
  3. Marley and Jahari (Jamaica/Caribbean) – Marley is a tribute to the famous reggae musician Bob Marley, and Jahari means “strong” or “brave”
  4. Kalila and Kamilah (Caribbean) – Kalila means “beloved” or “dearly loved,” and Kamilah means “perfect”
  5. Kiara and Neveah (Caribbean) – Kiara means “bright” or “clear,” and Neveah is “heaven” spelled backward
  6. Zara and Zahra (Caribbean) – Zara means “princess,” and Zahra means “flower” or “blossom”
  7. Sanaa and Seraphina (Caribbean) – Sanaa means “work of art” or “brilliance,” and Seraphina means “fiery” or “angelic”
  8. Amina and Nubia (Caribbean) – Amina means “trustworthy” or “faithful,” and Nubia refers to the ancient African civilization along the Nile
  9. Zayna and Samira (Caribbean) – Zayna means “beautiful” or “graceful,” and Samira means “companion in evening talk”
  10. Kamaria and Jamila (Caribbean) – Kamaria means “like the moon” or “moonlight,” and Jamila means “beautiful”

20 Twin Girl Names of Asian Origin

  1. Sakura and Hana (Japan) – Sakura means “cherry blossom,” and Hana means “flower”
  2. Mei and Ling (China) – Mei means “beautiful,” and Ling means “delicate” or “spirit”
  3. Anika and Priya (India) – Anika means “grace” or “favor,” and Priya means “beloved” or “dear”
  4. Ying and Yang (China) – Ying means “cherry blossom,” and Yang means “sun” or “light”
  5. Ayesha and Fatima (Pakistan) – Ayesha means “alive” or “living,” and Fatima is the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter
  6. Kimiko and Emiko (Japan) – Kimiko means “righteous child,” and Emiko means “smiling child”
  7. Siti and Dewi (Indonesia) – Siti is a common prefix for girls’ names, and Dewi means “goddess” or “divine”
  8. Nisha and Neha (India) – Nisha means “night,” and Neha means “affection” or “love”
  9. Yuna and Hyejin (South Korea) – Yuna means “lotus” or “to achieve,” and Hyejin means “wise” or “intelligent”
  10. Aria and Lena (Iran) – Aria means “noble” or “melody,” and Lena means “light”
  11. Meera and Leela (India) – Meera means “prosperous” or “famous,” and Leela means “play” or “divine drama”

Play Around With the Spelling or Pronunciation of These Twin Girl Names

Try taking inspiration from a name instead if you do not want to take on the name exactly. Some names, like these names of Asian origins, sound beautiful and have lovely meanings, but they may make more sense as names within the culture they belong to. For example, the names Ying Yue and Mei Xing are wonderful Chinese names that represent beautiful parts of nature. If you like these names and want to take inspiration, consider turning the Yue of Ying Yue into just Yue pronounced “Yoo-ie.” Additionally, you can just use the “Mei” in Mei Xing.

  1. Ying Yue and Mei Xing (China) – Ying Yue means “cherry blossom moon,” and Mei Xing means “beautiful star”
  2. Rina and Amara (Indonesia) – Rina means “joy,” and Amara means “immortal” or “eternal”
  3. Yuki and Kira (Japan) – Yuki means “snow,” and Kira means “glittering” or “shining”
  4. Anh and Mai (Vietnam) – Anh means “peace” or “calm,” and Mai means “blossom”
  5. Priyanka and Ananya (India) – Priyanka means “beautiful” or “dear,” and Ananya means “unique” or “incomparable”
  6. Min and Ji (South Korea) – Min means “gentle” or “clever,” and Ji means “wisdom” or “intelligent”
  7. Arisa and Kohana (Japan) – Arisa means “peaceful blossom,” and Kohana means “little flower”
  8. Suraya and Marjan (Afghanistan) – Suraya means “sun,” and Marjan means “coral”
  9. Vannary and Sreyneang (Cambodia) – Vannary means “golden girl,” and Sreyneang means “lovely girl”

20 Twin Girl Names of Medieval Origin

  1. Isolde and Guinevere (Medieval Europe) – Isolde means “fair” or “beautiful,” and Guinevere means “white” or “fair phantom”
  2. Eleanor and Matilda (Medieval England) – Eleanor means “bright” or “shining one,” and Matilda means “mighty in battle”
  3. Beatrice and Rosalind (Medieval Europe) – Beatrice means “she who brings happiness,” and Rosalind means “gentle horse” or “tender horse”
  4. Isabella and Constance (Medieval Europe) – Isabella means “pledged to God,” and Constance means “steadfast” or “constant”
  5. Margery and Agnes (Medieval England) – Margery means “pearl,” and Agnes means “pure” or “chaste”
  6. Arabella and Emmeline (Medieval Europe) – Arabella means “beautiful eagle,” and Emmeline means “work” or “industrious”
  7. Cecily and Sybil (Medieval England) – Cecily means “blind” or “sixth,” and Sybil means “prophetess” or “wise”
  8. Amabel and Clarice (Medieval Europe) – Amabel means “lovable” or “loving,” and Clarice means “clear” or “bright”
  9. Maud and Agatha (Medieval Europe) – Maud means “mighty in battle,” and Agatha means “good” or “kind”

These Medieval Names Can Make Great Middle Names

  1. Rosamund and Millicent (Medieval England) – Rosamund means “rose of the world,” and Millicent means “strong in work”
  2. Adelaide and Cecilia (Medieval Europe) – Adelaide means “noble” or “nobility,” and Cecilia means “blind” or “sixth”
  3. Elinor and Aveline (Medieval Europe) – Elinor is a variant of Eleanor and means “bright” or “shining one,” and Aveline means “hazelnut” or “life”
  4. Sybilla and Theodora (Medieval Europe) – Sybilla means “prophetess” or “wise,” and Theodora means “gift of God”
  5. Giselle and Melisende (Medieval Europe) – Giselle means “pledge” or “hostage,” and Melisende means “strong in work”
  6. Agnes and Elspeth (Medieval Europe) – Agnes means “pure” or “chaste,” and Elspeth is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”
  7. Rosalind and Rosaline (Medieval Europe) – Both names are related to “rose” and signify “gentle” or “tender”
  8. Clarice and Isolde (Medieval Europe) – Clarice means “clear” or “bright,” and Isolde means “fair” or “beautiful”
  9. Idonea and Seraphina (Medieval Europe) – Idonea means “suitable” or “worthy,” and Seraphina means “fiery” or “angelic”
  10. Felicity and Charity (Medieval Europe) – Felicity means “happiness” or “good fortune,” and Charity means “charity” or “love”
  11. Gwendolen and Rowena (Medieval Europe) – Gwendolen means “white circle” or “fair brow,” and Rowena means “famous friend” or “joyous”

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