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6 Healthy Bedtime Snacks That You Won’t Feel Guilty About

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We have all been there: You finished dinner a few hours ago, but you’re craving more food to hold you over until bedtime. However, eating anything too heavy or light is out of the question. In other words, you need a snack to hit the sweet spot of satisfaction. Here are six healthy bedtime snacks that should do the trick.

Yogurt parfaits in glass mugs. Credit: Unsplash

#1- Yogurt

If you want something filling, then yogurt should be your first choice. Yogurt, which is full of calcium and probiotics, helps keep your bones and teeth in proper shape. In addition, yogurt aids in regulating your digestive system. Despite being a milk-based product, some yogurt varieties are low in lactose, making it a healthy option for lactose-intolerant people. Plus, there are tons of yogurt flavors available to satisfy your cravings. 


Popcorn is not a treat reserved for the movie theater experience. The popular food can also make a great late-night snack at home. Not only is popcorn low-carb, which is perfect for a nighttime meal, but the snack also offers a high source of fiber and can aid in weight loss.

#3- Trail Mix

Trail mix combines peanuts, pretzels, and more, making the snack delicious and nutritious. If you’re craving salt or sweets, there is always something in the mix that should satisfy your taste buds, especially trail mix with dark chocolate. Another great benefit is that trail mix is very affordable, with most bags retailing for less than $10 each.

Trail mix. Credit: Unsplash

#4- Hummus –

Hummus is a Mediterranean staple that checks all the boxes for a healthy bedtime snack. The chickpea-based dip is packed with vitamins and minerals, supports digestive health, and can help lower cholesterol. Enjoy a few scoops of hummus with leftover celery sticks, pita bread, or solo to reap the nutritional benefits.

#5- Peanut Butter

If you’re not fond of hummus, we recommend peanut butter. Peanut butter offers blood sugar and heart health benefits, and it also pairs well with celery or fresh apple slices for a healthy, tasty snack.

#6- Cereal

Cereal may be your go-to breakfast food, but it also comes in handy during the late night hours. Some cereals contain melatonin that can help you doze off with ease. Unfortunately, various sugar-filled cereal options continue to hit store shelves. However, healthy cereals are best for maintaining nutritional integrity.

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