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8 Trendy Vacation Nail Ideas To Try

Beauty prep for a vacation can be almost as important as packing. Depending on the destination and traveler, self-care and vacation prep can include a short or extensive list of appointments and stops (or a DIY night at home). The two weeks before a vacation are prime time for high or low-maintenance beauty services, with nails being one of the most important. Selecting vacation nails can help create excitement about the upcoming trip and ease travelers into relaxation mode. 

Looking for the perfect manicure nail design for vacation? Check out these vacation friendly nail styles that you can DIY or get done at the salon.

DIY Nail Styles for Less Fuss While Traveling

Neutral designs and colors are great picks for longer vacations because they help hide new growth and can make manicures look fresher for longer. Vacationers can create some nail designs at home to save money and time during crucial travel prep times.

French Tips Are Classic

French tips are a classic option for vacation nail ideas. Check out these DIY manicure styles.

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The French tip manicure is a classic go-to nail design that is always in the arsenal, but overlooked far too often. This effortless look is not too specific for vacation destinations and matches almost every outfit color or style. New renditions of the French tip are popular, with highlight colors and accents being all the rave. 

Chrome Accents for Adventurous Vacations

Chrome is a modern nail idea that is perfect for fashionistas on vacation.

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If seeing Beyoncé is on your vacation to-do list, try out a chrome-inspired nail design. Metallic nail designs do not have to cover your whole nail, so nude or clear bottom coats with glitter top coats are a good option. Investing in press on nails is also an excellent way to prioritize ease. 

Barbie Pink Is the New Black

Barbie inspired nails are all the buzz for vacation nails.

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This trend has become more popular since the 2023 “Barbie” movie was released and flaunted all things pink and bright. The unofficial color of the summer is a great look for those wanting to strut their stuff and make a statement at every travel destination.

Ombré Nails To Visualize a Vacation Sunset

Mix up your style and try ombré nails for your next vacation.

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The aesthetically pleasing gradient colors of ombré nails are the perfect look for a warm getaway. The bright pops of color will fit the vacation vibe and does not require professional precision, so this style is perfect for DIY manicures.

Best Vacation Nail Salon Quality Styles

Some people prefer attention-grabbing styles for their vacations. If DIY or simple styles are not ideal for travel, show these designs to your nail tech.

Seashell Nails for Beach Goers

Seashell nails are beachy neutral nails for vacationers.

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This shimmering trend looks exactly as it sounds. It mimics the shiny and polished texture of a natural shell and is a nice neutral color. This iridescent design is a great option for travelers wanting to relax on the shore and mimic an enchanting mermaid. 

Star Studded Nails for Night Owls

Starry nails are an elegant nail design to try for vacation.

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This trend resembles the beautiful night sky and is embellished with chrome or gold stars and rhinestones (and can be added to French tips). Although this style looks somewhat simple, it takes precision and a steady hand to perfect this dainty design.

Jade Designs Bring Good Luck

Jade nails resemble the precious stones and are often embellished with gold foils. Jade nails are a great vacation nail idea for people looking too mix up their style.

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Jade, a precious stone in Chinese culture, symbolizes luck, happiness and balance. For travelers, this calming soft green nail design can bring the right energy to kick off their vacation. The jade nail style is finished off with speckled gold foils that complement and embellish the green base color. 

A Geometric and Sleek Design for Those That Think Outside the Box

Geometric nails are artsy nails that make a bold statement and are perfect for traveling abroad.

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These type of nails are diverse and can be bright or neutral or even minimalistic or maximalist. Layering shapes and colors are a nice way to add dimension to this nail look.

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