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An Exclusive, Black-Owned Travel Social Networking Community Launches in May

Travel is picking up after many jet-setters were forced to take a mandatory pandemic hiatus. FLY LYFE, which is described as the ‘World’s #1 Travel Networking App,” is coming in May. The Black-owned company is being promoted as being for jet-setters looking to network while “getting the best deals on private jets, villas, rental cars, exclusive events, and more.” Potential customers are being invited to join a community of international travel influencers from around the world to book luxury travel, plus events, directly from their phones or laptops. Monthly membership fees range from $19.95 to $149.95. Through FLY LYFE, members can arrive in a new city, then simply ask a personal digital assistant where hot spots, shopping and restaurants are located.

Additionally, the world’s first Black-owned Social Travel Network and Lounge Pass, and new mobile app, is scheduled to provide access to over 400 lounges globally. Allen Forrest, who is  the company’s CEO and founder, observed an opportunity to expand. In 2016, FLY LYFE originally started out as a private jet charter broker company called “FLY ON MY JET.” At that time, the company’s primary focus was handling celebrity flights, until Forrest observed an inroad to another part of the market.

“My vision was always to have a major platform not just for private aviation bookings, but also to be able to get into the commercial space and to try to approach it in a different type of way,” Forrest told Travel Noire. “We realized that there are a lot of people out there that want the private experience, but a lot of them can’t afford the private experience price tag. So when we started, we were servicing celebrities, businessmen, athletes, etc. But we saw a market that we could approach.”

It was also reported that Forrest wants Black travels to interact beyond private flights or the platform, benefiting from curated luxury travel information, such as luxurious lounges.

“We have curated cities from all around the world. I’ve been building this catalog for the last five years,” Forrest explained. “So any city that you go to, as soon as you hit the FLY LYFE network, it’s going to tell you all the hottest locations that you need to be at but not like Yelp that just gives you reviews. This is going to be the actual place where Leonardo DiCaprio is hanging out or Jay-Z is frequently here. It makes it just a little easier when you’re traveling. You don’t have to spend four or five hours a day trying to figure out ‘what should I do tonight? Or where should I go?’ It just automatically does it for you.”

You may sign up for more information at FLY LYFE

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