Anthony Anderson Cracks Jokes For Charmin’s New Toilet Paper

Actor/comedian Anthony Anderson brought on the funny while promoting his new partnership with Charmin Ultra Soft.

Anthony Anderson brought on the funny while promoting his new partnership with Charmin Ultra Soft.

The famed toilet paper brand tapped the “Black-ish” star to help unveil the new square-free toilet paper. It’s the first time in 100 years that the brand has reinvented the traditional square for a smoother tear and Anderson has the perfect tutorial to share.

“Charmin has always wanted to make your bathroom experience better. And they listened to their consumers because the consumers would call them and be like, ‘I’m having an issue with the square toilet tissue,’” Anderson jokingly explained.

“‘It don’t rip right. It’s tearing. It’s ripping.’ So what did Charmin do? They did something that they haven’t done in 100 years. They changed the look of the toilet paper. This is what they did. They re-engineered the square for smooth to tear.”

Whipping out a roll of the toilet paper, Anderson seamlessly incorporated a “Black-ish” joke into his comical testimony.

“You see that? Look, you just pull it apart. Look, you can’t do that with a regular thing. And look, they not square no more, Jeroslyn,” he said. “They’re square -ish. They’re square -ish. Look at those scalloped edges.”

Since closing out the Emmy award-winning show last year, Anderson has stayed busy appearing in family and friend-driven travel series like “Trippin” with his mother Doris Hancox and “Kings of BBQ” with his longtime friend Cedric The Entertainer where they toured the country visiting Black resturants.

Both shows were labors of love for Anderson who has been dedicated to aligning with projects that speak to him personally.

“It’s about helping people and it’s about what these causes are for, if we’re gonna talk about causes and things like that,” he explained.

“In terms of projects, just what moves me and what resonates with me. But I have my own family foundation. I’ve had it for the last five or six years now. We’ve raised a million, now close to $2 million for various charities, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to LA Mission, Boys and Girls Club of America. There’s an aviation school in Compton where I’m from that we support. There’s the Compton Equestrian Center that I support. There are other little mom and pop organizations that I support and donate to because a $5, $10 ,000 check to them, that might as well be a $100 ,000 check to them just because of their grassroots organizations and what they mean to the community.”

Anderson continues his work to raise awareness on Type 2 Diabetes and he also aids organizations toward mental health due to his personal ties to both areas. As a Type 2 Diabetes patient himself and a family member of people living with mental illness, Anderson uses his foundations to advocate and raise funds.

Campaigns like his current work with Charmin only help the Compton native continue his philanthropic efforts. Press play below for hear more about the movie Anderson is currently filming in South Africa and how he’s balancing all the new roles coming his way.

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