Atlanta Cop Who Killed Johnny Hollman With A Taser Is Fired

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There are levels to this accountability s**t.

Deacon Johnny Hollman, 62, of the Lively Stones of God Ministries Church of Atlanta was killed after being tased by then-police officer Kiran Kimbrough during a traffic stop on Aug. 10. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Kiran Kimbrough has been fired from the Atlanta Police Department for “failing to follow the department’s standard operating procedures” during the incident.

Unfortunately, the violation of that procedure isn’t about the use of force, but rather for failing to have a supervisor present before proceeding to arrest Hollman. Like we said, there are levels of accountability. Sufficed to say, the family is none-too-pleased.

“Are you kidding me? Because he didn’t have a supervisor on the scene?” Attorney Harold W. Spence said in a press conference. “Again, that’s why we believe that it’s more incumbent that this video be released. Because I guarantee you that when you see the video, your thoughts won’t be ‘Where was the supervisor?’”

The drama began when Hollman was involved in a traffic accident that was determined to be his fault. Let the boys in blue tell it, Hollman became indignant, refused to sign the ticket and then allegedly resisted arrest. These claims are also being refuted by the family.

The family lawyer says that famed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has agreed to release the body camera video when her office is done interviewing all witnesses involved. Arnita Hollman, the deacon’s daughter, says she was on the phone with her father for 17 minutes as she made her way to the scene of the accident.

Former officer Kimbrough has hired the LoRusso Law Firm to represent him, and they released the following statement on his behalf:

“Officer Kiran Kimbrough vehemently denies any wrongdoing or policy violations in connection with the investigation, detention, and arrest of Mr. Johnny Hollman. He will appeal his termination reportedly predicated upon his failure to call for a supervisor when Mr. Hollman refused to sign a lawfully issued citation as he was legally obligated to do. Our client is a decorated law enforcement officer and looks forward to the release of the entire investigation. The loss of any life is tragic. However, Officer Kimbrough’s actions in detaining Mr. Hollman and making a lawful arrest did not cause Mr. Hollman’s death.”

Hopefully, this man is never allowed to wear a badge or uniform anywhere ever again.

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