Baddest Publicist Baes In The Game, Vol. 5

Happy National Publicist Day!

National Publicist Day

Source: Seneca Williams

We’re BACK with more flowers, good energy, and gratitude for the hardest-working ladies in any room: publicists!

Since the beginning of forever, publicists have proven themselves to be the real MVPs who guide clients, elevate careers, connect move-makers with power players, flip potential disasters into wins with one eye on their phone and the other on their email-flooded inbox during endless work days.

And that’s not even including the racist shenanigans faced by Black publicists like AM PR Group founder Vanessa Anderson who formed a coalition called “My Publicist is Black” with Yvette Noel-Schure (who reps Beyoncé and Chlöe and Halle Bailey), Erica Tucker (Yara Shahidi), Ernest Dukes (Publicity at Capitol Music Group), Phylicia Fant (Head of Urban Music at Columbia Records), and Trell Thomas (Founder of the Black Excellence Brunch).

“Once the group was created, we immediately started trying to put money in each other’s pockets [with referrals,]” said Anderson in an interview with Variety.

“It’s really morphed into a sounding board, a safe space for us to talk about anything and everything.”

Since its creation, the refreshingly inclusive movement has amplified networking opportunities while providing a therapeutic space for Black publicists to express their frustrations in a mostly white industry.

“A lot of folks like to put us in boxes, like we can only represent Black people, and that’s simply not true,” said Ascend PR Group’s Erica Tucker in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

I experience that all the time, like [at] get-to-know-you lunches with agents and managers, and they sometimes think, ‘Well, you just represent Black talent.’” She emphasizes, “We can tell a variety of stories.”

How are you celebrating your fave publicist? Tell us down below and enjoy another collection of exemplary publicists on the flip.

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