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Behind The Exclusive Aesthetica Facial I Tried

Behind The Exclusive Aesthetica Facial I Tried
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Aesthetica Skin Lab, a skincare space located in Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery, was co-founded by celebrity dermatologists Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali and Dr. Muneeb Shah. The intimate skin oasis opened less than six months ago as an exclusive location for Dr. Bhanusali’s A-list clients– including Martha Stewart. The lab’s bookings open just twice per month and patients must join a waitlist– behind over 1,000 people– until they receive an email with just one hour to book their appointment.

Luckily, I did not have to wait weeks for an appointment. Aesthetica Skin Lab closed their books for the day in partnership with Neutrogena®’s latest skincare launch. That said, read on below for what it’s like to experience one of the most in demand facial treatments in New York.

The products used

Upon arrival, I was guided to an intimate room equipped with a device to measure my skin’s hydration levels before the facial treatment. My skin was at a level 67– two times higher than the daily average. Then, I met with the scientist behind the Neutrogena products used in my personalized treatment, including their new Hydro Boost Water Cream.

The cream blends ingredients– like amino acid, electrolytes, and ceramides– with hyaluronic acid to replenish and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Formulated for all skin types, the cream can be layered with serums, gels, and sunscreens. It also helps with eczema and rosacea adding 72 hours of hydration to the most dry, sensitive skin. Following this, I went to another room to try the Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser, which was the foundation of my treatment, and a precursor to my favorite part of the night: the Visia skin analysis. 

The Visia skin analysis

Post-cleanse, I sat in front of the Visia®-CR facial imaging machine to receive my personalized skin report. The machine captured images of my skin from three angles– front, left, and right– to analyze my skin’s condition. The report consisted of eight general analyses: spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, and porphyrins. 

As someone who has hyperpigmentation and texture, my visible skin spots were only 9% better than other Visia scans– with my texture at 11% and pores at 52%. However, my UV spots– meaning sun damage spots– were 99% better. Meanwhile, my brown spots– meaning pigmentation and discoloration– were 86% better. As for my red areas? Due to my melanated skin, I did not know I had red spots (inflammation) which could be the cause of my surface-level skin spots. 

All of these analyses contributed to the assessment of my TruSkin Age®– an age progression feature that can one: compare your skin’s age to your actual age, and two: predict what your skin will look like without any treatments up to age 80. Fortunately, as a 24-year-old my skin is two years younger, consistent with the condition of a 22 year old. 

The personalized Aesthetica facial

After the skin analysis, I went into a room with a heated treatment bed which– unlike other treatment beds I’ve been on– felt as if sculpted just for the contours of my body. My Aesthetica facial began with a serum infusion; the esthetician selected a brightening serum to target visible spots, dullness, and blackheads through exfoliation. 

Then she applied the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum– a serum that gives eight times more hydration to your untreated skin– however the product may vary in the signature Aesthetica facial. The hydration serum was infused with electroporation– short, high voltage pulses allowing serums to penetrate the skin’s barrier– enhanced with LED blue light therapy for acne. 

After that, she massaged the Hydro Boost Water Gel  into my skin, layered with a hydrating jelly mask for added absorption. As the final step, she applied the Hydro Boost Sunscreen, which should end any skin care routine– be it at Aesthetica Skin Lab or in your bathroom at home.

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