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Beyoncé’s Renaissance film makes history on opening weekend

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Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, made history with its number one debut at the box office on opening weekend.

The film, which chronicles the ideation, creation and execution of the artist’s record-breaking Renaissance tour, raked in $21 million in its first three days. With that debut, Renaissance makes history with the second-highest opening weekend sales of a film directed by a Black woman.

The two highest-grossing Black woman film directors are now Ava Duvernay and Beyoncé.

Throughout the film, audiences get to relive the power and beauty of the concert through stunning visuals and behind-the-scenes access.

Years of grueling work went into creating one of the highest-grossing concert tours of all time.

Creating Renaissance took nearly four years, the singer reveals in the movie. Beyoncé and her team spent thousands of hours of meticulously planning every last detail of the experience. And while some stars leave that work up to others, the icon had a hand in every element throughout the process.

She was, as her team stated in the film, the visionary behind the process. From the positioning of lighting, to the presentation of sound, to the details of the costumes, Beyoncé was part of it all.

In the film, Beyoncé reveals the difficulties she faced in taking that lead role. On several occasions, she noted her expertise was diminished simply because she was a Black woman.

Shortly before rehearsals began, the star was forced to undergo knee surgery. She went through rehab while maintaining a grueling practice schedule. And throughout the tour, Beyoncé even suffered through bronchitis and multiple sinus infections.

All of this powerful storyline serves as a backdrop to stunning and mesmerizing cinematography of the concert itself. Edits transition seamlessly between iconic costume changes, while close-up footage gives audiences an entirely new perspective of the concert.

Renaissance was more than a concert, it was about liberation

For Beyoncé, Renaissance was about far more than just producing another concert. It was, as she explains in her film, a journey of rebirth and liberation.

Liberation for people and communities, across all spectrums of race, gender and sexuality, to freely be themselves. Liberation for leaders and way-makers who blazed trails, but have yet to truly receive their flowers. And liberation for herself, a mother, a business mogul and an entertainment legend freed from the expectations of others.

“I used to rehearse” in order to be free on stage, she says toward the end of the Renaissance film. “Now, I am just free.”

“My ultimate goal is to create a space where everyone is free and no one is judged, and everyone can be their childlike selves, their sexiest selves,” she said.

“They can all be on that stage. They are the vision, and they are the new beginning. That’s what ‘Renaissance’ is about.”

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