Black Men Pull Up For A FlashMob Movement To Showcase Black Excellence

In a powerful display of unity and style, over 250 Black men gathered at the American Airlines Center Plaza Sept. 23 to participate in a gathering dubbed FlashMob and orchestrated by Dallas-based Black Menswear.

This cultural impact agency connects global brands with African American men, and this event was more than just a photogenic moment; it was a movement to showcase the often-understated excellence of Black men, Dallas’s 97.9 The Beat reported.


Black Menswear CEO and Founder NeAndre Broussard highlighted the significance of having the FlashMob in Dallas for this impactful moment.

“The first FlashMob was held in 2017 in Las Colinas, and now we returned to the city where it all began — even bigger and more intentional than before. With the newly gained support of the Dallas Mavericks organization, we believe that Black Menswear will be able to reach more audiences and create even more impact for the community that we love and serve.”

One of the significant features of this event was a suit drive conducted in partnership with the Dallas Mavericks and its mascot, Champ. The suit drive aimed to collect new and gently used suits, belts, ties, shoes, and accessories for local youth, which will be donated to the Mark Cuban Heroes Center for its ongoing SuitUp Experiences.


Sean Reed, director of Corporate Social Responsibility with the Dallas Mavericks, expressed the importance of supporting organizations like Black Menswear.

“It is important for the Dallas Mavericks to support and partner with organizations that combat inequities, challenge the status quo, and drive change,” Reed said.

“Too many children of color have grown up with limited positive representation in the news and media. So, this is a perfect opportunity to combat that and spread positive images of Black Men.”

Black Menswear, an international traveling collective of Black men, is dedicated to changing society’s perception of Black men and promoting positivity within the Black community. Their mission revolves around challenging negative stereotypes and showcasing Black men in a more positive light, countering the often unfavorable portrayal in mainstream media. The collective comprises a diverse group, including celebrities, social media influencers, professionals, educators, mentors, and more.

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