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Black Millennials Share Their Most Memorable Childhood Vacation Stories

The first generation to experience the internet has continued to evolve, especially when it comes to travel. Many grew up traveling by car. They watched their parents print out pages from MapQuest, loaded up on snacks, and wiped the backs of their favorite CDs before hitting the road. While traveling has changed a lot since they were kids, millennials still reflect on seeing the world as children with nostalgic happiness. 

Determined to show their kids how much more there is to the world, many millennials can’t help but reflect on the travel experiences they had as a child. From flying on a plane for the first time to driving miles for loving family reunions, thinking back to the good ol’ days of childhood vacations will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

From Disney, With Love

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Photo credit: Kellen Myers

Travel agent Kellen Myers can remember the first time he went to Disney World. He was two years old and his father took him on a special trip to the happiest place on earth. Myers said his dad has an obsession with Mickey Mouse and the Floridian amusement park. When his father passed in 2013, Myers’ memories of the times they spent together kept him going strong. 

“What I remember most about those early childhood vacations is the happiness; the happiness of going to Disney World; the happiness to be in the happiest place on the planet, and the happiness of being with family,” Myers said.

Today, Myers’ childhood love for Disney is a major part of his adult life. He helps individuals and families book getaways to Disney and other destinations all year round, helping to spread the magic and the love. Although he misses the days of childhood free travel, Myers cherishes the times he spent traveling with his father. 

“The one thing I miss most about traveling as a child is not paying for anything,” he said. “But no,  I miss most when my dad was living to take me to Disney.”

Becoming A Barb In Houston

For Moreion Haney, childhood travel meant spending invaluable time with family. He has vivid memories of traveling long distances for family reunions. It was an opportunity to reunite with cousins, elders, and other relatives. They’d all pile into cars and head to their destination for the ultimate road trip. 

A true music lover, Haney remembers his older cousin would put the younger kids onto the hottest and newest music. Once on a trip to Houston, Haney’s cousin introduced him to Nicki Minaj for the first time. He can’t recall which song she played, but the bars were hot and it turned him into a lifetime fan.

“The reason that’s so memorable for me is because I love Nicki Minaj now,” Haney said. “That put me on to her and I’ve loved her ever since.”

Beyond the music, Haney remembers driving back from a trip to Mississippi where he gained valuable knowledge. His family made a stop in Arkansas to visit with the elders of his family. It was there he learned about the history of his family and heard stories of times long ago. 

“We stopped at both [of] these places and were able to sit down and listen to the older family members give us wisdom and knowledge,” he said.

Family Road Tripping

Beauty influencer and entrepreneur Kendra Cosey didn’t grow up understanding the meaning of travel. As a kid, her dad would spontaneously take their family on road trips to destinations a few hours from their home in Missouri. Cosey loved these experiences. However, she didn’t view them as traveling. It was simply quality time spent with her favorite guy. 

“It was so memorable because my father passed away when I was 8 years old,” Cosey said. “So, stopping at random toy stores off the highway, singing along to the blues from the backseat (songs I had no business knowing) and him convincing my mother to let us do crazy things like jumping in the lake with our clothes on, are memories that will live with me forever.”

After her dad passed, Cosey’s mother couldn’t afford for the family to travel like before. However, those years spent road-trippin’ alongside her father are memories she’ll cherish forever.

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