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Blacks Should Move To Wakanda


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The executive director of the North Dakota Republican Party has resigned after serving in his position for less than two weeks because it only took that long to discover he’s a racist and misogynist based on his online activity.

Meet Dave Roetman.

One look at Roetman’s X page and it’s clear that he’s your typical, generic, Bargain Basement brand white conservative: He’s a COVID conspiracy theorist and an anti-“woke” white grievance proselytizer who thinks “cancel culture” is an invention of “the left” despite right-wingers being the demonstrable “cancel culture” OGs. And, of course, he thinks President Joe Biden is a “pathological liar” while dry-humping the ex-president who tried to subvert (or “cancel”) democracy based on a “big lie” and gets fact-checked and found to be lying more than any other president in recent history.

Of course, none of that is going to get a Republican ousted from the GOP because there would be no GOP if that were the case. Instead, Roetman gave himself the boot because he was explicitly anti-Black and anti-woman at a time when his party is desperately trying to gather more Black and woman voters. In other words: He was being too loud as a white male nationalist at a time when the white male nationalist party is trying to clean up its white male nationalist image.

From Raw Story:

“I believe the best path forward for the NDGOP is for me to take a different path,” said Dave Roetman in a brief statement announcing his resignation. “I wish them all the best.”

This comes after extensive reporting at The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead documenting Roetman’s controversial escapades on X.

According to reporter Rob Port, Roetman made “dozens and dozens of ignorant social media posts,” including comments leering at scantily clad or undressed women; jokes about women making sandwiches; and a suggestion that Black people should get out of America and move to Wakanda, the fictional East African kingdom that was the setting for Black Panther.

When the original story broke, Roetman refused to apologize, telling Port, “I am a man who stands by his words.”


So, another white man whose entire social media presence is based around complaining about today’s America is telling Black people they should go back to a fictional part of Africa for—*checks notes*—complaining about America. And he also thinks women belong in the kitchen. All of this is just more proof that when Republicans say “make America great again,” they mean restore American society to a time when white men were in charge, women and Blacks knew their place and oppression was simply called “the American way.”

The sad thing is he’ll most likely be replaced by someone who has the same opinions but is smart enough to be quieter about them.


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