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Blueface ordered to pay $13 million to strip club after damages

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After a shooting in October 2022 outside the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club, rapper Blueface, named Johnathan Porter, has been ordered to pay $13 million in damages. 

The order was issued by a Clark County district judge, as they determined Blueface was responsible for the shooting.


Victim says he was joking with Blueface before being shot

Kentabius Traylor, the victim of the shooting, recalled what had happened that night to the police. Traylor said he recognized Blueface at the strip club. As he was leaving, he made a joke about his car being cheap, while he was speaking to women.

According to a police report, Traylor was shot multiple times and suffered a bullet-graze wound on his hand. Judge Reynolds states that the “defendant removed and discharged a firearm from his person and fired several shots at Kentabious Traylor and may have injured a bystander.” 

The judge ordered he pay by October 13.

Not only did Blueface refuse to pay, but he failed to fight the lawsuit. On October 26, Blueface pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and felony emitting a weapon into a car outside the club.

The ruling stated, “The court hereby finds there is no genuine dispute that due to defendant’s unlawful conduct, committing a battery, and his unlawful possession and discharge of a firearm outside of plaintiff’s club, plaintiff has suffered damages, including the revocation and suspension of its business licenses, resulting in the closure of the club.”

Kristina Wideveld, Blueface’s lawyer, stated that she couldn’t comment on the matter.

Wideveld informed Rolling Stone,We are not representing Mr. Porter on his civil matter. His manager had indicated that he was handling that on Mr. Porter’s behalf and demanded that we withdraw, so we did so with our client’s consent in late August.”

Jasmine Nicole Brooks, a bystander to the shooting, sued Blueface and the Euphoric Gentleman’s Club. In the suit, she claimed she endured facial injuries from the altercation. 

Officials arrested Blueface last November and charged him with attempted murder, but the judge let him negotiate plea deals with prosecutors.

This is not the first time he’s been in legal trouble. A few months prior, Blueface was also charged with felony robbery.

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