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Boeing commits $785,000 to Oklahoma STEM Education and more

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Today, Boeing unveiled a commitment of $785,000 aimed at fostering the growth of future STEM innovators, providing essential support to veterans and military families, and promoting economic advancement in underserved communities.

Boeing recently gathered its 2023-2024 grant partners at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, where they held a partner convening, presented checks, and hosted a reception. During this event, Sandy Coats, the Senior Counsel and Site Leader for Boeing OKC, introduced the grant partners.

“The Boeing Company is proud to partner with each of these incredible organizations,” said Sandy Coats, Boeing OKC senior counsel and site leader.

“We are committed to supporting the work they do every day to reduce barriers and make our region a better place to live, work and ultimately thrive,” Coats added.

The afternoon was enriched with impactful testimonials from various organizations, including Norman Public Schools Oklahoma Aviation Academy, The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM), Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City, and participants from the ReMerge program.

The Impact of Boeing on STEM Education

“Boeing’s investment in our In-School Math Tutoring program is helping us deliver personalized tutoring curriculum to over 160 students with low math proficiency across 5 schools,” Brittany Carter-Thomas, Executive Director of Freedom City, said.

Carter-Thomas said that Boeing’s assistance played a pivotal role in elevating Oklahoma students’ academic performance last year, adding that it led to an average score improvement of 44%. Remarkably, 40% of its students advanced by at least one full grade level.

Beyond financial support, Boeing’s funding has facilitated the implementation of a customized curriculum, enabling personalized tutoring, assessment, and growth planning for program students.

Carter-Thomas adds, “the partnership with Freedom City is deeply appreciated, as it connects us with a global and local STEM leader, offering invaluable support that enables our organization to expand and deliver the services we are passionate about.”

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“Over the past five years, Boeing has provided Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute at UCO with $530,000 to introduce pathways to STEM careers to second-grade students in the OKC metro area,” Sandy Kent, Executive Director of Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute at the University of Central Oklahoma, said.

Kent mentioned that they have reached more than 2,750 students during this period, providing them with the opportunity to explore career paths they might not have been aware of prior to participating in this program.

Kent also noted, “The GreA+ Boeing STEAM Challenge opens Career Pathways for Elementary Students through engaging, integrated lessons over the course of the school year that bring learning to life and spark them to want to be the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and innovators.”

Boeing commits $785,000 to Oklahoma STEM Education and more
Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute at UCO

Fostering Education Excellence and Community Advancement through Boeing Initiatives

Boeing’s education investments in programs like In-School Math Tutoring and the GreA+ Boeing STEAM Challenge are making a significant impact in Oklahoma. Moreover, its support for organizations like Freedom City and the Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute at UCO is shaping a brighter future for future scientists and engineers while benefiting our communities. This partnership is contributing to a more prosperous and innovative future.

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