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Bogged Down With Work As Soon As You Wake Up? Here’s How To Make A Successful Morning Routine

Bogged Down With Work As Soon As You Wake Up? Here’s How To Make A Successful Morning Routine

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. I’ve found that waking up early in the morning, and immediately turning over and reaching out to grab my laptop to begin writing before being able to take a sip of water or brush my teeth or take a shower, was becoming unstainable for not only my emotional well-being for my mental health. Starting my morning, that way caused extra stress, fatigue, and chronic burnout and completely drained my creativity. Although I understand the importance of consistent productivity each day, I had trouble flowing into my days, which caused me to become tired faster. I knew I had to curate a healthy morning routine, but every time I tried, I became stressed out thinking about how I would be able to create one that would be low-lift and manageable with my busy schedule and never-ending to-do list. 

Things became more manageable once I began shifting my mindset to take the pressure off what I thought my morning routine should look like. At first, I thought I had to wake up and immediately squeeze in a workout, cook breakfast, shower, and then get to work, but once I started narrowing down my non-negotiables, my routine fell into place on its own. My non-negotiables are simple: waking up, drinking water, hopping into the shower, making a small bite to eat, and starting to write. If I can fit in a light workout or stretch beforehand, great, but it’s not mandatory for me during this stage of my life, as I’m focused on the essential things that must be done to feel grounded, consistent, rested, and have a better handle on my to-do list so that I can experience deep rest later. 

It’s important to remember that creating your morning routine doesn’t have to be stressful and intricate. Still, it should be tailored to your specific lifestyle at the time. Your routine should be created to be flexible, as you can allow it to shift as you see fit. Take your time, and do not pressure yourself to have the perfect routine. Remember, your new morning routine should ease your life, not cause additional strife. Below, I share some of my healthy morning habits and tips and tricks for creating a routine that sticks. Note that some things in my routine will resonate with you while others won’t. 

Rethink the settings on your alarm: Sometimes, alarm noises can be harsh and add more disruption than peace to your day. Try to set a softer alarm to wake you up gently. 

Create your non-negotiable list: Figure out what you need to do in the morning to be successful: showering, reading, writing in your journal, or praying, and then do that consistently. 

Ease into the day: Think of the first thing you’d like to do in the morning without feeling guilty. Maybe you need to breathe, eat, or shower, but when you wake up, determine your thoughts and do what feels right. 

Drink water first: Before consuming any hot liquids (tea, matcha, coffee) or food, ensure you get some H2O in you first. 

Try light movement: If you’re too tired to do a full workout or run 5 miles every morning, opt for light exercise and meditation to start your morning peacefully. 
Try to be consistent: Although establishing a new routine or lifestyle isn’t easy, it’s essential not to give up. Try to keep up this new routine for at least two weeks and then reevaluate.

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