Brittany Renner talks Deion Sanders, Jackson State and more

Former Jackson State soccer player Brittany Renner sat down with Shannon Sharpe for the latest episode of ‘Club Shay Shay’ and talked a lot JSU — including her infamous visit to the team under Deion Sanders. 

Renner talked about her frustration with the way her visit and speech was portrayed after Deion Sanders asked her to come speak to his team in 2021.

“What I didn’t like about speaking at Jackson State was the way that it was marketed as I was a cautionary tale,” Renner said. “If you were to play back the whole footage — what was I warning you about? If I was a gold digger, I’d be easily the dumbest one. I’d be the least successful one. I am not in a position to tell young men about what gold diggers do.”

Brittany Renner spent two seasons at Jackson State as a student-athlete. She talked about what it was like to come to JSU as a bi-racial child and raised by her white grandparents. 

Deion Sanders, Brittany Renner, Jackson State

“I really saw the camaraderie amongst black people that I was just like ‘there ain’t nothin’ like this,’ Renner remembered. “We were looking out for each other in classes and stuff. So there was nothing like Jackson State.”

Britany Renner also talked about being accepted amongst black people and dealing with racial slurs from white members of other HBCUs the team competed against. 

Renner was also open about her dating life at Jackson State, talking about her relationship with the quarterback — who happened to be white.  Renner didn’t mention him by name, but Jackson State’s starting quarterback at that time was Casey Therriault. 

“I was his side chick for 10 months because he had a girlfriend back home,” Renner remembered. “I had zero respect for myself back then.”

Renner said she eventually left JSU and quit soccer to follow him, but the relationship between the two ended afterwards.

Brittany Renner talks Deion Sanders, Jackson State and more

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