Candace Owens Questions Why No One Has ‘Stepped Up To The Plate To Marry’ Taylor Swift

Candace Owens doesn’t typically unleash her conservative fury on white women. But things have changed now that Taylor Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

The conservative pundit took to her podcast on Friday, Sept. 29, to call out Swift’s “annoying and cringy” girl-next-door persona. With the global pop star, 33, now in a public romance with Kelce, 34, Owens is bringing attention to Swift’s “odd dating pattern” and questioning why she hasn’t been married yet.

“Why hasn’t any man stepped up to the plate to marry her?” Owens asked before naming a few of Swift’s exes.

“Why didn’t Joe Alwyn want to marry her after six years of dating her?

Owens, 34, came up with her own assessment of Swift’s dating history and her lack of wedding rings. According to the political commentator, Swift has too many “personalities” that apparently push men away.

“Well, maybe it’s because Taylor Swift has a lot of personalities, and people think that that’s cute and it’s funny. . but me, maybe I suffer from also being a 34-year-old adult woman, I just think it’s odd,” Owens said.

“I think her behavior is cringy.”

The Blackout author also took issue with Swift hanging out with Kelce’s mom at the Chiefs’ game against the New York Giants and accused the “Shake It Off” singer of only pretending to like football to appease her new beau.

“I don’t think Taylor Swift follows football,” Owens quipped before claiming the singer only started caring about the sport “this Sunday.”

“She’s just so fake, so plastic, so manufactured, very unauthentic, and that has always been my assessment about Taylor Swift.”

Despite seemingly picking on the pop star for YouTube views, Owens called Swift a “mean girl” who’s “rooted as the most dedicated Kansas City Chiefs man that you have ever seen.”

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