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Amy Cooper will likely never have a peaceful day for the rest of her life. Actions have consequences.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name Amy Cooper it’s probably because you recognize her as the shame-laden moniker “Central Park Karen”. Cooper is the white woman who cried, panicked, and used 911 as a weapon against Christian Cooper, a Black bird watcher in New York. Cooper (Christian) told Amy that she needed to leash her dog while walking in the park and this caused a catastrophic Caucasian calamity of Rosewood proportions. As a result of her viral violence toward a Black body, Amy lost her job, was doxxed online, and ultimately had to go into a self-imposed witness protection program.

Now, she’s begging for public empathy.

Cooper recently penned an op-ed in Newsweek about how hard her life has been since that fateful day in the park. She says that she was scared because Cooper was aggressive toward her and yelled, “If you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.” Let Amy tell it, Christian then tried to lure her dog away from her with treats and she felt she had no recourse but to call the police because he had drawn his military-style semi-automatic cell phone and started to record her.

…Christian taunted me to call the police. Seeing no other choice, I called 911 and described the man who was threatening me. But due to very spotty service in the park, I had to repeat my description of Christian multiple times.

Amy goes on to say that she was emphatic about Christian’s Blackness, not because she is racist but because of a bad cell phone signal.

The 911 tape makes it very clear that the dispatcher couldn’t hear me due to the poor connection—yet this fact went unreported, skewing perceptions of my actions.

The cantankerous Karen then tries to bolster her point by saying that there are other white folks are scared of big Black Christian too.

Jerome Lockett has stated that Christian also aggressively threatened him, luring in his dog. Jerome said he knows of two fellow dog owners who experienced the same behavior from Christian, but they don’t want to come forward because they are white, and Christian is Black. They fear being canceled—as I have been.

In a last-ditch effort to gain sympathy by playing on the public’s emotions, Amy says that being outed as a Karen has ruined the lives of domestic abuse victims who were routinely in her care…

There are many others who have suffered as well. Over the years, my New York City apartment was a safe haven to numerous women who had endured abusive relationships.  When I had to flee, they lost their safe place too.

Amy says that she has tried to reach out to Christian in hopes that they could have “honest, productive conversation” but he has not responded to her requests. Considering that Christian is now hosting a National Geographic television show about nature and bird watching, we’ll surmise that he’s too busy being successful to entertain these white shenanigans.

In wrapping up her propaganda piece, Amy says the following:

There is no such thing as a “Karen.” We are all just people. Each of us deserving grace and forgiveness. In the end, silencing the truth, the full story, hurts all of us.

Yeah. Nah.

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