Chrisean Rock Deletes Socials After Tamar Braxton Show Scuffle

Chrisean Rock deactivated her social media accounts as James Wright Chanel confirms a backstage beatdown at Tamar Braxton’s concert this weekend. Jesus, take the wheel!

Chrisean Rock x James Wright Chanel x Tamar Braxton

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On Sunday, Nov. 12, Chrisean Rock announced that she’s leaving social media in the face of a new scandal. Instead of standing 10 toes down against the Big Baby backlash, she’s taking a break amid new assault allegations. The internet was already divided about the last few times Chrisean decided to “shenan.” Meaww reports many fed-up fans are saying “good riddance” after her shenanigans this weekend.

“I’m deactivating all my pages… Love ya! See y’all later. God bless,” she tweeted. “Changing my number, changing my address,” she added in a follow-up post.

On Friday, Tamar Braxton’s Love And War 10 Year Anniversary Tour welcomed Chrisean Rock as a guest to pop out. Tamar seemed elated to have her “little sis” join her onstage.

What started as a fun moment quickly went left as the unpredictable artist expected to do her own thing on stage. In addition to disrupting parts of Tamar’s performance, Chrisean expected to perform. When her time on stage didn’t go as expected, it turned into a heated disagreement backstage.

As usual, Chrisean reportedly came out swinging and left backup singer James Wright Chanel in the hospital with a chipped tooth.

See what James Wright Chanel and Tamar Braxton’s best friend LeTroy Davis said about what went down after the flip!

Tamar Braxton’s Best Friend LeTroy Davis Puts Chrisean Rock On Blast For Bloodying James Wright Chanel’s Nose

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Tamar Braxton’s best friend and creative director LeTroy Davis aired out Chrisean Rock for fighting at the concert. He spilled the tea about the Zeus star swinging on James Wright Chanel. LeTroy pulled no punches, insisting he’ll “make sure she goes to prison” for turning a disagreement into a trip to the hospital.

“I just want to let y’all know that girl Chrisean y’all keep hyping up assaulted James Wright Chanel at Tamar’s concert tonight. James is in the hospital. I swear I will do everything to make sure she goes to prison,” he wrote on Instagram Friday night.

“You do NOT come to come to my show and attack people!” he added in the caption.

LeTroy helped Tamar put the entire tour together and said it was his idea to invite Chrisean on stage. He claimed the Baddies star pulled up drunk and “smelling like weed,” expecting to do one of her songs. However, he said he had no idea she did music and that she was never scheduled to “perform her ringtone.”

“She was mad that she didn’t get to perform. I didn’t know she was a performer. And even if I did know she was a performer, she was not getting on the stage that everyone worked their ass off to make. Y’all see the video. She was up there a drunk fool,” LeTroy said on Instagram Live.

He claimed Chrisean “ruined the song, ruined the concert, and ruined the moment,” when Tamar tried to sing “Love And War.” The new mom reportedly confronted everyone backstage over not performing.

“She is upset because she didn’t get to perform her ringtone! She storms in Tamar’s dressing room with like a thousand people, and everybody’s like, ‘Nobody knew you were supposed to perform a song,’” he said.

When James tried to calm Chrisean down by explaining the misunderstanding wasn’t shade, LeTroy said it only made matters worse. He says Chrisean punched James just for explaining that she wasn’t supposed to rap.

“She hit James right in his face, chipped James’ tooth. James’ face is bloodied. James is at the hospital now because his nose won’t stop bleeding,” he said.

LeTroy vowed to “come for every coin she has” for disrespecting the team and “assaulting” James.

Yikes! It sounds like the mess is far from finished.

See what James Wright Chanel and Chrisean Rock said about the incident that sent him to the hospital after the jump.

Chrisean Rock Reacts To Assault Allegations Before Deleting Her Social Media

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Chrisean Rock treated this altercation like she was still on Baddies, not absorbing how serious the situation was. She took to Instagram Live, flipping off the camera with her iced out hand and wrist. Fed up fans called out the careless response as she continued adding fuel to the fire.

On Sunday, Chrisean returned to IG Live to address the situation. She called out “storytelling” and “clout chasing” from Tamar’s team, like that explained the assault allegations. Someone on a sold-out 1oth anniversary tour probably doesn’t need clout from picking a fight.

“I don’t know. Wicked stuff started happening,” she said as the comments put her on blast.

Shortly after that, Chrisean gave up on fighting internet comments and deactivated her social media pages.

James Wright Chanel Claims He Was Assaulted As “An Innocent Bystander” But Doesn’t Name Chrisean Rock

On Sunday, James Wright Chanel entered the chat. He took to Instagram Live to speak out for the first time since the altercation. The singer didn’t spill all the tea or even appear on camera. Instead, he testified that the backstage squabble may have broken or bruised his face, but it didn’t break his spirit.

“Y’all should see my f**king face, and I still have joy,” he said.

Both LeTroy and James described some pretty brutal injuries from singer’s run-in with Rock. Tamar wasn’t involved in the fight at all, and it’s unclear if she was even in the room when it happened. The multitalented diva hasn’t yet spoken out about the incident publicly.

Whew! As a new mom, Chrisean doesn’t need to fight anybody except maybe her baby daddy, Blueface, over custody. If LeTroy was standing on business about making her pay, this could just be the beginning of the drama. If Chrisean is still on probation, it won’t take much for LeTroy to follow up on that threat.

Social media users rejoiced at Chrisean finally taking a break online and leaving everyone else out of her drama. While some celebrated her departure, others suspected she’d be back by Thanksgiving or in a few days. Her supporters still believe Tamar’s team provoked Chrisean for clout.

What do you think about Chrisean Rock’s social media purge after allegedly assaulting James Wright Chanel?

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