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Colorado Buffaloes Beat Colorado State At Star-Studded Game

When most people think about fall, they instantly think of football season. And one of the current football stars getting all the attention is none other than Prime Time Deion Sanders.

Former NFL icon turned successful coach, Deion has consistently shown his love for the game and his passion for winning in the most extravagant way possible. For example, the 2023 season game between his Colorado Buffaloes and Colorado State was not one to miss.

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Coach Prime’s star-studded Colorado game

While the starting lineup of a football game is always something to look forward to, this game was completely different. Instead of looking at the athletes on the field, all eyes were on the A-list celebrities who appeared at the event.

From Master P to Offset to even The Rock, it seemed as though every single celebrity came out to support Deion and his team.

Iconic rapper Lil Wayne personally led the Buffaloes out of their tunnel to take on and beat their opponents.

Looking back on the spectacle that was the Sept. 16 game, Wayne defended Deion’s love of bringing major stars to his games.

“If they love Taylor Swift, he’ll try his hardest to get her up in there. [Laughs.] Trust me, he’s just going off the vibes. Like I said, they’ll run through walls for him because they understand that he’ll do whatever for them, as well. He’s only going to do it for the better of them,” he told Billboard.

Needless to say, Deion’s games are always a who’s who event.

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When did Deion come to Colorado?

For those of you who were wondering, Deion has not always coached for the University of Colorado’s Buffaloes.

As far as his college coaching career, Prime Time made his debut when he took control of the Jackson State Tigers in 2020.

Because of his impressive skills and football background, he earned them a SWAC title and worldwide recognition.

He then made the controversial decision in 2022 to move and coach the Buffaloes and take his star players and sons, Shilo and Shedeur Sanders, with him.

While his fanbase was not thrilled with his sudden change, he tried to defend it in his 60-minute interview.

He said, “I didn’t leave quick. I didn’t leave quick; I left when I was supposed to leave. We finished. Most coaches get a new job, and they leave expeditiously. I finished the task.”

How the Buffaloes are doing

Even though the team started out with a winning streak, the Buffaloes did suffer a brutal loss to the University of Oregon’s Ducks on Sept. 23. It’s not even worth sugarcoating it; Deion’s team lost 6-42.
With such a big name leading the team and a large fanbase, there is a ton of pressure to see whether or not Prime Time can live up to his nickname.

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