Darius Jackson Denies Keke Palmer Abuse Allegations

Darius Jackson is categorically denying abusing Keke Palmer while levying allegations against the actress’s mother.

TMZ reports that Jackson is adamant that he did not put his hands on the star, and he’s accusing Keke’s mom, Sharon Palmer, of threatening to “put a bullet in his head.”

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As previously reported Keke, 30, was granted a temporary restraining order and sole custody of 8-month-old Leodis Jackson after she claimed that her ex-boyfriend showed up at her home unannounced on Nov. 7 demanding to see their baby. When she refused, he allegedly began “yelling” in her face before “knocking her backward off the couch and stealing her phone.”

Sources close to Darius, however, told TMZ that his arrival was not unannounced as he texted Keke about going to pick up his son to watch football last Sunday. The sources said when he arrived at Keke’s place, Leo wasn’t there, and an argument ensued. At some point, things reportedly got especially heated when Keke got her mom on the phone and put her on speaker as the matriarch “screamed and cussed out” Darius.

That’s when Sharon Palmer allegedly made the threat before Darius “attempted to wrestle Keke’s phone away from her.”

A source to Keke’s mom isn’t denying that she threatened Darius Jackson and instead said that she made the threat about the bullet because she “feared for her daughter’s safety” and “couldn’t be there in person to protect her.”


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TMZ has since released texts from both Keke and Darius’ moms.

In them, we see that Darius’ mom, Yhinyer T Hubbard, texted Keke’s mom, Sharon Palmer, and told her that she was filing a police report.

“I heard that you are going to put a bullet in my son’s head??? texted Yhinyer. “Well then now we have to involve the authorities because you don’t respect or value yourself and I can see not my son’s life. You might have to kill all of us. I will file a police report on you now,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Ms. Sharon was apparently unbothered and responded with a text shaming the mother for her son’s alleged violence.

“Please do not contact me with this ridiculous childish behavior,” wrote the actress’s mom. “Your son choked his own sister, deal with his anger issues. If he attacks my daughter in her own home where she pays the bills he is trespassing and anything can happen so he should stay away. You should be very ashamed to have raised a man who fights women.”

What. A. Mess.

Mind you, this all comes after Darius’ brother Sarunas Jackson said that the “world would hear [Sharon Palmer’s] voice very soon” after the protective mom alleged that she told him about his brother’s abuse over a year ago.


What do YOU think about Keke Palmer’s mom allegedly threatening Darius Jackson?

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