Dating app BLK reveals HBCU-based ‘MBA’ program

[Dallas, TX] – BLK, the number one dating and lifestyle app for the Black community, proudly unveils its new-HBCU focused endeavor: The BLK MBA (Master of Black Affection) Program. Created to empower and support recent graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) facing post-graduation employment challenges, this innovative initiative seeks to redefine both professional and dating dynamics, while providing financial support to young job-seekers.

At its core, the BLK MBA Program creates an opportunity for recent HBCU graduates to navigate the journey from academia to the workforce. Despite improving graduation rates, systemic and cultural obstacles often obstruct the path to employment for Black graduates. African-Americans with college degrees are twice as likely to be unemployed as other graduates, with 12.4 percent of Black college graduates being unemployed, a rate significantly higher than the 5.6 percent average for all college graduates. BLK recognizes the need for solutions to fix this gap.

Enter the BLK MBA Program – a purpose-driven initiative designed to empower and support recent HBCU graduates struggling to find employment after college. But this isn’t your traditional MBA program – there will be no coursework or thesis statements. Instead, BLK will select three outstanding graduates from HBCUs, inviting them to embark on a summer of growth and discovery. These participants will immerse themselves in the vibrant BLK community, exploring networking and connections on the app. Along the way, they’ll share feedback to make the user experience even better, working alongside the brand to gain a deeper understanding of how Black Gen-Z approaches dating, networking and creating connections. Each participant will be awarded a stipend to support them during their journey.


“Our commitment to the Black community transcends the realms of just dating,” says Jonathan Kirkland, Head of Marketing at BLK. “The BLK MBA Program showcases our dedication to creating opportunities for professional growth and personal development for recent HBCU graduates. Through this initiative, we hope not only to address the employment challenges faced by Black graduates but also to enrich our platform with diverse perspectives and experiences.”

The application process for the BLK MBA Program commences in May, inviting recent HBCU graduates to apply. Applicants will be required to submit their resumes and a personal statement that showcases both their desire and need to be a part of the program. A panel of judges, comprising BLK brand team members and Black leaders from the BLK Advocacy Council, will evaluate applications to select three participants based on academic achievements, personal statements, and potential contributions.

Selected participants will embark on a transformative journey throughout the summer, immersing themselves in the vibrant BLK community to hone their networking skills and forge meaningful connections with other Black singles, recent graduates, young professionals and Black business leaders. Participants will proactively network, arrange meetings, and go on dates with the goal of fostering relationships that could lead to meaningful relationships and valuable job opportunities. As they navigate the digital dating landscape, participants will not only shape the future of dating experiences for Black Gen-Z individuals but also gain invaluable insights into effective networking strategies. 

For further information about the BLK MBA Program and details on how to apply, please visit https://www.theplugbyblk.com/blkmba2024. Stay tuned for updates and announcements via our press releases, social media channels, and in-app notifications.

About BLK

BLK is the #1 dating and lifestyle app for the Black community.  Founded in August 2017 by Match Group, BLK is the authority on Black love and relationships, connecting individuals for meaningful connections and authentic expression. With over 11 million downloads and counting, BLK is the go-to app where Black love is celebrated in all its forms.  Free to download and easy to use, BLK is more than just a dating app – it’s a movement, a community that gives back and uplifts its members. At BLK, our mission is simple: to bring Black people together and create opportunities for meaningful connections.  Whether through love or friendship, BLK provides a space where its users can be their authentic selves and connect with others who share their values and experiences. Download the app today and start your journey towards connection and Black love.  Let’s inspire and uplift each other, one match at a time.

Dating app BLK reveals HBCU-based ‘MBA’ program

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