Dawn Staley, South Carolina paid for HBCU squad’s dinner

Dawn Staley and South Carolina have ended the season of an HBCU squad in each of the past three seasons, she’s always supporting them when she can.

Norfolk State head coach Larry Vickers Jr. talked about meeting Staley for himself as the two teams had dinner the night before their NCAA Tournament game. 

“I didn’t understand the magnitude around her before I really personally met her. Then you’re like, Oh, OK I see why you’re the figurehead for women’s basketball. She does an excellent job, makes everybody feel loved and comfortable,” Vickers said during MEAC media day. “ They took us to Ruth’s Chris. South Carolina paid for our meal the night before.”

The meal at the swanky steakhouse cost a pretty penny, but Staley took care of the bill.

“A lot of them had never been, and I didn’t look at their pre-orders,” Vickers said. “So, you know, they were ordering entrees and two sides not realizing that the sides are shareables. So the table had no room. The table had no room at all. But we figured it out.”

South Carolina would go on to win 72-40 as it rolled towards the Final Four. Dawn Staley came into the Norfolk State locker room following the game to talk to the team and was very complimentary of the team. It doesn’t have any HBCUs on the schedule this season, but don’t be surprised if it has to play another HBCU again in the NCAA Tournament. As for Norfolk State, the reigning MEAC Champions will take on William & Mary on Monday to open up the season.

Dawn Staley, South Carolina paid for HBCU squad’s dinner

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