Deion Sanders answers critic of response to UCLA thefts

A lot has been said and written about the response of Deion Sanders to his Colorado football team’s belongings being stolen at UCLA to his response at Jackson State two years earlier.

Sanders responded directly to one of those critiques. 

Doc Holliday, a former NFL player and Memphis media personality, posted a tweet asking Sanders to handle the situation that happened at UCLA with the same vigor he used while at Jackson State.

“My brother move in with your life I have and I’m to BLESSED to be stressed with yesterday’s inconsistencies,” Sanders quote tweeted Holiday. “You’re talking about 2 whole different circumstances. God bless u because he’s sure blessing me.”

Deion Sanders,

Holliday’s mentions were immediately set ablaze with reactions from supporters of Deion Sanders — including OJ Simpson.

“That didn’t go the way u thought it would,” Simpson tweeted at Holiday. 

Holiday, who stated that he has been defending “Coach Prime” in most cases, quickly fired off a response to Sanders and his supporters — including O.J. Simpson. 

Sanders did not mention his team’s belongings being stolen at his postgame press conference on Saturday after the loss to UCLA. That was in stark contrast to the scene at Jackson State on Feb. 21, 2021 when he proclaimed to the world that his things had been stolen.

Deion Sanders answers critic of response to UCLA thefts

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