Deion Sanders & Colorado Suffer Thirds Straight Loss

Oregon State v Colorado

Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders – Source: Dustin Bradford / Getty

Despite making adjustments to his coaching staff Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes suffered their third straight loss.

The University of Colorado started the season off with more hype and support than we’ve seen for a college football team in decades. However, as the saying goes you really see who’s with you when things get dark. Last night the Buffaloes suffered their third straight loss at the hands of Oregon State. According to USA Today, the loss came in the midst of Sanders making adjustments to his coaching staff. Pat Shurmur was promoted to play calling on offense over offensive coordinator Sean Lewis. Regardless of who called the plays nothing seemed to work for Colorado and they lost the game 26-19.

In the post-game press conference, Sanders spoke about how difficult the past few weeks have been for him and the team.

“This is hard,” Deion Sanders said afterward. “The reason it’s so hard is because you know you’re capable of doing better − playing better, performing better, calling better games, coaching better on my behalf. And you are coming up short when you have enough to get the job done. And it’s painful. It hurts myself, the team and all the coaches and fans.”

Shedeur Sanders has been sacked almost more than any other College QB and the coaching change is the latest attempt to help protect him. Additionally, for a second straight week during a game, Shedeur received painkiller injections to help him stay on the field. Colorado now sits with a record of 4-5 and has lost the last four out of five games. With only three games left the Buffs only have one ranked opponent which happens to be their last game of the season. Hopefully, these next two weeks result in wins and the Buffaloes can retool themselves in the off-season.

You can watch Deion’s full post-game interview below.

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