Deion Sanders talks Saturday Night Live, reveals favorite imitator

Deion Sanders was recently spoofed on Saturday Night Live by Kenan Thompson.

The veteran comedian spoofed the Colorado football coach a few weeks back, and Sanders was asked about what he thought of the impression. The coach, who is known to have a sense of humor himself, said he didn’t have a problem with it and actually enjoyed it.

“I’m a fan of Kenan. Let’s just get this straight,” Sanders told the media during his weekly press conference ahead of the UCLA game. “I love him. I love what he’s brought to comedy. Over what? Over. It got to be over a couple of decades now, it seems as though.”

Sanders noted that he once hosted Saturday Night Live as well.

As much as he gave props to Kenan Thompson, Deion Sanders admitted he thinks that there is at least one guy who has him down just a little better. 

Saturday Night Live Kenan Thompson

“I was thinking between these two guys —  but I got to give it to Lou Young,” Sanders said. “Lou is…I hate to admit it, but Lou Young. Lou Young was good. Lou Young is really, really good.”

Young is a former NFL player who has created a second career in comedy via YouTube and Instagram. He has appeared at several Colorado games after spoofing Sanders when he was at Jackson State.

Professional comedians aren’t the only ones who enjoy imitating Deion Sanders. His son, Shilo Sanders, is a humorous young man. The original says he does a solid job of imitation.

“Shilo is aight,” Sanders said with a grin. “Shilo is aight.”

Deion Sanders talks Saturday Night Live, reveals favorite imitator

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