Did Jada Pinkett Smith Have A ‘Fix My Life’ Moment With Iyanla?

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith sat down with Iyanla Vanzant on her podcast, The R Spot, to talk about “feeling Worthy.”

Pinkett Smith, who recently released her memoir, Worthy, shared a snippet of the talk with her 11.3 million followers. The two mindful women discussed the actress’ work toward becoming the “heroine of her own story.” 

“You talk about woman and their worth, and you have this comment, a statement in the book that says, ‘My belief is that every woman is worthy, a walking treasure that deserves to live her life as the heroine of her story.’ You better talk to me,” laughed Vanzant as she appreciated the words.  

“You know being the heroine of my own story was me coming to terms with every aspect of it,” Pinkett Smith said. “Coming to terms with my light and my shadow. I was just as much afraid of my light as I was of my shadow, to be honest. And realizing that it is my relationship with myself and the great supreme that is the most important, and was the thing that had been missing all along.“

Pinkett Smith, 52, has been busy promoting Worthy, which has revealed deeper insight into not only her relationship with herself, but husband Will Smith. The actress recently revealed that she and Smith had been separated for six years, but the couple has been a tight unit with their family as she shares her book with the world. 

The Red Table Talk host expressed pride in the work that she has put in making herself first and to build a deeper understanding of who she is.  

“Once I really put that focus in on developing an intimate relationship with myself and the great supreme is when I really got to see my life move in the direction that I wanted it to move in,” she said. “And realized that is me contacting the heroine within myself, to take the power of my life back.”

Pinkett Smith’s episode of The R Spot is available now through Shondalandaudio and iHeartPodcasts.

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