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Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Lie?

Trump surrenders at Fulton County Jail in Georgia election subversion case

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks as the arrival of former President Donald Trump outside the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on August 24, 2023. | Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

OK, we’ve talked a lot about white Republicans and their desperate, disingenuous, delusional, completely political and inherently racist scramble to collect Black friends. It’s pathetic the way they scour the sunken place for hard-right Black conservative politicians and pundits to throw their support behind and scour the internet for any and all videos they can find that show Black Trump supporters or Black people against critical race theory and Black Lives Matter. Maybe they’re doing it to increase Black voter support. Maybe it’s because they’re tired of being thought of as the “old white party,” which is exactly what they are regardless of the few people of color they keep sprinkled among a sea of congressional Caucasians. Either way, white conservatives appear to be getting more and more desperate to uphold the illusion that despite their hatred for CRT, BLM, diversity, “wokeness,” police reform, the reparations discussion, non-whitewashed Black history and the Black voters they consistently seek to disenfranchise, the GOP is the party for “the Blacks.”

Now, it appears that Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken things a step further and just started making up Black friends out of thin air.

On Sunday, Greene tweeted about an experience at the airport most people appear to agree was all cap, or what her MAGA messiah calls “fake news.”

“Middle aged white woman with a black cloth mask on psychotically growls/screams unintelligible sounds at me as she walks by,” Greene claimed. “Then, friendly airline employee smiles and says, ‘tell President Trump that African American Muhammad says hello and is with him!’”

Now, honestly, the first part seems plausible. Sure, it’s following the new white conservative trend of turning their anti-woke ire toward white liberals, which is some white-on-white-crime nonsense that is really none of Black people’s business. But it’s possible that much happened. After all, if a random person “psychotically growls/screams unintelligible” at Greene they’d only be doing what Greene did on multiple occasions to Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Hell, if I randomly happened by MTG, at the very least, I’m going to loudly boo her like she was Ron DeSantis at a Jacksonville vigil.

As for the second part, yeah—of all the things that never happened, this is the never-happenediest

First of all, you can tell it’s fake because “Muhammad” is one of those stereotypically Black names white people come up with when they’re trying to mock Black names. “Muhammad,” “Jamal,” “Jerome,” “Tyrone,” “Bushwick,” “Willie,” “T-Dog”—that’s about as clever as racist white people get. It just seems unlikely that the supportive Black person Greene met happened to be named “Muhammad,” which is not even remotely a common name among Black Americans.

Then there’s the way Greene’s imaginary Black friend fictionally introduced himself: “African-American Muhammad.”

Yes, I’m sure in MTG’s aggressively white world, Black people treat their race and ethnicity like it’s their professional title. I’m sure Martin Luther King didn’t actually ever introduce himself as “Reverend” or Dr.” Nah, he definitely promoted the bus boycotts by walking around the community in Montgomery and saying, “Hello, my brotha’ and sista’. I’m, African-American Martin!”

I can’t tell you how many classmates of color I had growing up who came up to me in school and said, “Hey, I’m African-American woman Keisha,” or “What up, man, let’s go hang out with Mexican Jose and Asian-American Wong.” (I try really hard not to think about my worst teachers like Ms. Caucasian Boltax and Mr. Anglo-Saxon Bennett.)

Anyway, folks on X appear to agree that MTG is most likely making things up just like she made up her own false CRT definition and fictional “diversity” budget for Illinois schools.

Greene’s big sombrero-sized cap aside, someone should probably remind her that “Muhammad” is a name largely associated with Islam, and then someone should remind her what she thinks about Muslims and the “Islamic invasion.”

It’s almost as if white Republicans are racist until it’s convenient for them to be in proximity to Black people—even the fake ones. 


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