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DINK Traveling: What It Is And Why It’s The Hottest Trend

Couples with double incomes and no kids, commonly referred to as “DINKs,” are making a distinctive choice this fall season, according to A significant 70% of them prefer to embark on vacations during autumn. They seek the opportunity to fully relish the diverse range of hotel amenities and entertainment.

As the fall season unfolds, DINK travelers are seizing the moment to create lasting memories. They take advantage of the quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. DINKs also indulge themselves in the best that their chosen destinations have to offer.

Family-Friendly Stays Decline in September

This shift in travel preferences coincides with a remarkable 90% decrease in searches for family-friendly accommodations on the app in the month of September. It appears that DINKs are opting for quieter and more luxurious experiences as the summer crowds disperse.

Top Destinations for DINK Couples

The top destinations for these couples this fall include New York City, Paris, London, Las Vegas, and San Diego. These highly searched urban centers offer a delightful blend of cultural experiences. They also provide fine dining and vibrant entertainment, making them the perfect choices for DINKs seeking memorable vacations.

Extended Fall Getaways for Couples

What sets this year apart is the duration of DINK travelers’ fall getaways. They are going big, planning weeklong escapes, with an average stay of seven days. This extended time frame allows them to fully immerse themselves in the local atmosphere, explore the various attractions, and maximize the value of their getaways.

More Disposable Income for Travel and Luxury

For a significant portion of DINKs, the decision to not have children is driven by a simple desire—more disposable income. An impressive 70% of them cite this as a motivating factor, enabling them to indulge in the things they love. For nearly half of these couples (44%), this extra cash is channeled into their passion for travel, luxurious hotel stays, and dining at gourmet restaurants. It’s clear that DINKs prioritize experiences that enrich their lives.

Perceived Superior Vacations

What’s intriguing is that 73% of DINKs perceive their vacations as superior to those taken by their friends with children. This perception likely stems from the flexibility they have in terms of selecting destinations, accommodations, and experiences, allowing them to curate truly exceptional and memorable trips.

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