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Discover The Comoros Islands of East Africa

Within the Indian Ocean’s Mozambique Channel lies the enchanting Comoros Islands. Located between the southeastern mainland of Africa and the shores of Madagascar, the tropical archipelago offers unparalleled beauty. The Comoros Islands are a treasure trove of culture, history, and natural wonders waiting to be discovered.

The Three Major Islands of Comoros


Tucked away in the heart of the Comoros archipelago, Moheli emerges as a hidden gem. This isn’t your typical beach destination with all the modern bells and whistles. It’s an oasis of tranquility and relaxation, inviting you to embrace a slower pace of life.

Moheli’s beaches are exquisite, luring visitors to while away their days amid this pristine paradise. It’s also a haven for humpback whale enthusiasts. It boasts some of the best opportunities to witness these creatures in their natural habitat.

Moheli is also home to the Comoros’ sole national park, Parc Marin de Mohéli. Here, you can witness sea turtles nesting along the shores, take a dip alongside humpback whales, and revel in the sight of dolphins frolicking in the waves. Moheli is a sanctuary of unspoiled natural wonders, making it one of Africa’s most cherished destinations.


Known locally as Ndzouani and affectionately dubbed The Pearl of Comoros, the secluded island of Anjouan offers a remote getaway that feels as distant as paradise itself. Comoros, often called the perfumed islands, derives its name from the aromatic flora cultivated on these lands. Strolling through the historic Arab plantations or exploring the town of Mutsamudu, you’ll encounter 17th-century architectural gems. The buildings consist of ancient mosques and citadels constructed in the Swahili-Shirazi style, boasting ornate doors and labyrinthine alleyways. For the adventurous, ascending the jungle-clad Mount Ntingui offers a chance to savor mist-shrouded emerald hills. From the top, you can spot vibrant avian residents or revel in the breathtaking panoramas of the archipelago.

Grande Comore

As the largest and most developed of the Comoros Islands, Grande Comore offers natural landscapes and vibrant urban centers. Whether you seek an adrenaline-fueled adventure or a moment of tranquility, Grande Comore has something for every traveler. For those craving excitement, a hike to the fabled saltwater crater lake, Lac Salé, promises an unforgettable experience. Behind the lake, you’ll be treated to a panoramic vista of the lake’s green and blue waters. Souvenirs dot the area for keepsakes of this unique journey. If you prefer a leisurely drive, a trip south of Grande Comore unveils idyllic countryside vistas. Banana and coconut trees laden with fruit envelop one side, while the other features vanilla and cassava plantations.

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