Drake Gifts Brokenhearted Fan With $50K At Miami Concert

If there’s one thing Drake loves, it’s getting his lick back, and he dropped $50K to help a heartbroken fan at his concert flex on his ex.

Lil Baby & Friends Birthday Celebration Concert

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

On Friday, Sept. 29, Drake performed his final show on the “It’s All A Blur” tour in Miami. He switched up the routine when he spotted a sign from a heartbroken fan that looked like it was straight from the Caption King’s own book of poetry.

“Usually I do something nice for a lady … like give away a bag or some sh*t like that, but my bro right here he said ‘I spent all my savings, buying tickets for me and my ex. But honestly, nevermind, it’s really her loss,” Drizzy read to the Miami crowd.

“So she ain’t come with you tonight?” the corn-rowed Canadian inquired before the fan gestured “no.”

“What the f*ck is wrong with her? And you in here just icy with the gold chain and the sunglasses on?” he asked prompting the crowd to chant, “F*ck that b*tch.”

Drake then said, “Hold on, that’s a little aggressive. But you know what? She’s gonna feel real f*cked up ‘cause I’ma give you fifty bands so you can flex on her.”

The audience erupted into applause at the announcement. The Grammy winner continued, “That’s how we doing it tonight, big dog. It’s your night tonight. And I won’t say it like y’all said it but f*ck that young lady.”

Lil Baby, Tom Brady, and Rylo Rodriguez were all there to witness Drizzy’s unexpected act of kindness.

Generous Drake Makes It Rain On Fans & Dancers On The Road

Lil Baby & Friends Birthday Celebration Concert

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

This isn’t the first time Drake — born Aubrey Graham — has hooked his fans up. Earlier this week, the entertainer vowed to pay for a trip to Turks and Caicos for a couple who canceled their honeymoon to attend his concert.

Similarly, between songs, Champagne Papi told the audience,  “See like, a sign like that… You better be serious about that because that’s nothing to play about,” he said with a grin on his face. “You better swear on everything. That’s your man right there? She brought a sign that said, ‘We canceled our honeymoon for this.’ Lemme look in your man’s eyes and see if he telling the truth or not.”

After pausing for a moment he concluded the couple looked “genuine” and said, “Alright, since we in Atlanta tonight and I’m feeling all the love from everybody. You know one of my favorite places in the world, you know what it is? It’s a place called Turks and Caicos. I’ma send y’all to Turks and Caicos… Yeah, you better kiss your man, though. Yeah, that’s what I wanna see! Oh, they making out and sh*t, yeah they serious. Make some noise for them, they serious! I thought they might’ve been lying on some bullsh*t.”

That night, the “One Dance” rapper partied at Onyx strip club in Atlanta. He blessed the club with bills from a large plastic container that the New York Post reported contained $250,000.

It ain’t trickin’ if you got it!

October’s Own announced his latest project, For All the Dogs, would be pushed back an additional two weeks and will now drop on the 6th of his birthday month.

Congrats the lucky guy who left the Drake concert 50 racks richer!

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