Drake Wins $1.35M After Logan Paul Defeats Dillon Danis

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Drake – Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Drake’s bet on Logan Paul paid off after he defeated Dillion Danis in a drama-filled influencer boxing match.

While the internet is still debating how they feel about Drake’s latest project For All The Dogs, he’s back in Toronto and back to his insane gambling habits. While he was on tour, Drake wasn’t able to host his usual Stake.com livestreams and didn’t reveal many public bets.

Recently, however, he revealed that he bet $850K on Logan Paul to win his upcoming boxing match against Dillon Danis.

You’re probably familiar with Logan Paul but not Danis. Danis is most known for being friends with Conor McGregor and although he’s supposed to be a fighter, he hasn’t had a match this decade. His biggest claim to fame was a viral moment when UFC boxer Khabib jumped the cage to fight him after beating Conor McGregor. Danis is most known however for being a troll.

Leading up to the Paul vs. Danis boxing match, Danis released intimate photos of Logan Paul’s fianceé leading her to file a lawsuit for “revenge porn” against him. ESPN reports that the suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and included requests for a temporary restraining order against Danis.

In Drake’s post, he mentioned that Danis’ trash actions were part of the reason why he chose to bet on Logan Paul. On Saturday, the fight went down and Dillon Danis barely threw any punches.

It also looked as though he never touched Logan at any point in the match.

In the final seconds, Danis tried to break boxing rules and attempted to put Logan in a chokehold, but security stepped in. Technically he was disqualified but he wasn’t winning on anyone’s scorecards regardless. His loss paved the way for Drake to take home a hefty win of $1.3M and bragging rights.

Maybe this will keep Dillon from trolling in Sports Center’s Instagram comments, but we highly doubt it.

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