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Dwayne Johnson Honors His Lineage With New Skincare Brand Papatui

Dwayne Johnson Honors His Lineage With New Skincare Brand Papatui
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Dwayne Johnson has many talents. He’s made a name for himself as one of the greatest wrestlers in addition to being an actor known for his impressive roles in action movies, including the Fast & Furious franchise and The Scorpion King. And as of today, the 51-year-old star is adding skincare brand founder to his resume, too, thanks to his new male grooming and skincare line, Papatui.

“The inspiration came from years of having conversations with other men about my own skin care routine,” Johnson tells ESSENCE via Zoom. And, for the last five years, he’s been putting all of his passion into building the brand and testing out ingredients for each product.

The line features 12 niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide-infused products, including the Hydrating Facial Cleanser, Daily Facial Moisturizer, Refreshing Body Wash, and more. What’s different about his skincare line is that it also features products to help protect your tattoos; courtesy of the mango butter and coconut oil in the Enhancing Tattoo Stick and Enhancing Tattoo Balm.

Dwayne Johnson Honors His Lineage With New Skincare Brand

As for the brand’s unique name? It’s an homage to Johnson’s father, Rocky Johnson, and late grandfather, James Henry Bowles. He explains that “Papa” means “The Rock” in Samoan and that “Tui” was the nickname his grandfather gave him. “The character of Maui from Moana was based off my grandfather,” he adds.

While honoring his lineage, with this brand, it was also important for Johnson to challenge stereotypes surrounding masculinity and skincare. “As men, we often have conversations about working out, cheat meals, tequila, relationships, etc.,” he says. But Johnson wants skincare and self-care to be the norm for men, too. 

In that spirit, he shares the tips he’s learned along his journey. “Keep the skin care routine simple and easy,” Johnson says. Afterall, “we get one body.” Additionally, having a great cologne and adding toner to your skincare routine, which he learned from his father and grandfather, is a must for him. “Self-care means a lot to me,” he says. “Not only does it mean recovery, it permeates the rest of your life.”

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