Dwight Howard Reacts To Speculation About His Sexuality

Dwight Howard claps back after sexual assault allegations sparked speculation about his sexuality: “I don’t gotta tell nobody where I put my wood.”

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A lawsuit recently revealed that the NBA star hooked up with a man named Stephen Harper at his home in Georgia. Harper’s currently suing the father of five children for a relationship that went left months after meeting.

The former Los Angeles Laker, did admit to engaging in sexual activity with the alleged victim. However, he denies Harper’s claims of assaulting him and trying to force him into a threesome with a third party by the name of “Kitty.”

According to Black Enterprise, Harper alleges the assault took place in July 2021 after months of exchanging explicit text messages with Howard. Harper took to Instagram explaining when he went to Howard’s home, the baller surprised him when another man dressed like a woman came out.

Harper went on to claim that Howard forced himself onto him by performing oral sex until he realized Harper wasn’t turned on. He allegedly proceeded to engage in sexual activity with Kitty while at times trying to fondle Harper.

“Mr. Harper was trapped in Defendant’s bedroom and believed that he would suffer imminent bodily harm if he resisted Defendant’s sexual advances,” the lawsuit said. Afterward, “Mr. Harper felt extremely violated and humiliated, and was in complete shock.”

As for the identity of Kitty, Harper described Kitty as “an unattractive man in their 40s.” Harper claimed the unexpected guest “ambushed” him hours into his time at Howard’s home.

“Kitty walked in with a full beard, 2 inch heels, and a 28 pcs church wig,” Harper wrote.

“Immediately I was thrown off, uncomfortable, and expressed that I wanted to leave. The situation was traumatic and has affected me in many ways.”

Check out Dwight Howard’s reaction to rumors about his sexuality after the allegations with two men after the flip!

Dwight Howard Reacts To Fans Questioning His Sexuality: I Don’t Gotta Tell Nobody Where I Put My Wood

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As for Dwight’s side of the story, he took to TikTok to troll those questioning his actions. In one post, he’s shown pounding and typing hectically on a keyboard. He added the caption, “How they want me to respond to the haters,” alongside a crying laughing emoji.

He follows up the first post with a video of him petting a lion or should we say “Kitty.” The clip also features a voiceover that reads, “They gone try everything in their power to throw me off my path, but guess what? Can’t no man stop what God already has planned.”

Howard also took to Instagram live to address the allegations and concerns.

“That’s the problem with y’all people. Y’all done worried about who people spend they time with,” Howard said.

“Whatever I’m doing in my bedroom is my damn business. Whatever you doing in your bedroom is your damn business. That ain’t for everybody. Everybody don’t need to know,” he begins the video. “I don’t gotta tell nobody where I put my wood.”

Apparently, this incident happened almost two years ago. Harper claims the only reason he took so long to speak out is because of “fear and intimidation.”

Howard, on the other hand, claims Harper only filed the suit in retaliation for blocking him after a request for money.

According to Radar Online, Kitty is set to appear as a witness in the alleged assault case and expected to defend Howard against Harper’s claims.

The basketball star’s attorney says he wants the lawsuit dismissed in court.

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