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Employers’ Demand For Generative AI Skills Have Risen By 2000% In Less Than A Year

Employers’ Demand For Generative AI Skills Have Risen By 2000% In Less Than A Year
USA, New York

AI is top of many employers minds and will soon change the way job seekers approach prospective new roles.

Per a new report from labor analytics firm Lightcast, there has 1,848% increase in roles calling for generative AI skills.

“This change for curriculum writers may be the first sign of the second wave of AI, where this technology starts to reshape jobs outside the tech industry. The future of work is going to be defined by how humans work alongside AI and this will be a key occupation to watch,” said Layla O’Kane, Senior Economist at Lightcast in a news release.

This information stems from Lightcast’s analysis of more than 194  million online job postings since 2019.

“Adding a new skill to job descriptions is often a sign that a company has moved from experimenting with a new technology to making a real strategic commitment to it,” said Senior Economist Layla O’Kane in a news release. “Right now a lot of organizations are still in the experimental stage, but as they make key business decisions we may well see this list grow.”

She adds: “AI is an addition to other human and specialized skills, not a substitution. If you’re looking for a career in artificial intelligence, clearly you need generative AI skills but you also need other AI skills such as machine learning and neural networks. And if you’re looking to get ahead in a field that may be reshaped by AI, you still need the more traditional skills there as well.”

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