Female-Owned Firm Hosts Seminar to Address Black Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap between men and women is astounding and more companies and organizations are taking a stand to call attention to it. In the United States, on average, women make $0.82 to every $1 earned by men, annually. For black women, the disparities are even worse. The inequities of the gap have long standing impacts, resulting in issues such as misappropriated generational wealth and disproportionate numbers of leadership positions for women, when compared to men. The Female Quotient is actively working to combat the gap and has built an entire platform empowering women with information and resources they can use to succeed in their careers.

One of The Female Quotients’s initiatives is to honor Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which falls on Tuesday August 3rd. That evening at 5pm ET, join a 45-minute seminar designed to help women fight the gap and excel in their goals regardless! At the virtual event, aptly named “Smart Career Moves,” young ambitious women can learn how to grab a seat at the table, navigate career firsts and nail their next job interview over the course of three sessions! Even more opportunities will be offered with participating recruiters and professionals that will offer expert advice on how to prepare for jobs and internships and navigate your career. Plus, the event will feature keynote speaker Jamila Mustafa! The multi-hyphenate is an award-winning journalist, actress, and speaker, a Former Miss Delaware State University and the founder of HBCU 2 Hollywood.

In the first session,“Getting A Seat At The Table!” participants will hear from Jamila Mustafa, and Jazmyne Courtnii Byrd (Owner of The Divah Filez). The second session, “Mastering Career Firsts,” will feature Calandra Jarrell (Bank of America Senior Vice President and Howard University alumna), Heather Roberson (Managing Director and Global Financial Crimes Executive at BOA), Christelle Haygood (115th Miss Florida A&M University & A Queen’s Series Queen Ambassador), and Danielle Holmes (Chief Resume Writer, Career Services by Elle), and Jazmyne Courtnii Byrd. The final session, “The Cliff Notes: Key Takeaways to Make Smart Career Moves,” will sum up all the gems learned from the seminar with Calandra Jarrell and Jazmyne Courtnii Byrd.

After the seminar wraps, The Female Quotient will continue to advance equality in the workplace, helping women to take up space on a professional level, bringing solutions, and creating metrics for accountability.and be sure to RSVP to Smart Career Moves here.  Learn more about the female-owned firm and how they are taking action by clicking here. We hope to see you Tuesday!

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