Francis Ngannou Loses To Tyson Fury Despite Strong Performance

Boxing In Riyadh: Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou

Source: Justin Setterfield / Getty

MMA star Francis Ngannou lost his boxing match against heavyweight champ Tyson Fury despite knocking him down and surviving all 10 rounds.

Yesterday, October 28 former UFC superstar Francis Ngannou finally had his shot in the ring against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Ngannou left the UFC after refusing to resign and bet on himself that he could be a star outside the sport. Once the match began you couldn’t tell he took any time away from combat sports. Fury came in hot as soon as the bell rang to push the pace but Francis was unphased.

By the third round Fury was knocked down by the first-time boxer. According to ESPN, Fury’s WBC heavyweight title luckily wasn’t on the line because in the moment defeat seemed imminent.

Francis would follow up with more vicious shots while Fury was more calculated and targeted. In the end, the boxing match featuring the world heavyweight champion and a first-time boxer went the distance. If you think that is normal just try holding your hands in a boxing stance for 10 timed rounds. Fury landed 71 of his 223 attempted punches and Ngannou landed 59 of 231 with 5 more power punches. Even with more power punches and a knockdown Tyson Fury won by split decision.

Almost everyone on social media was left stunned and feeling as if Francis was robbed. You can read the stunned reactions from LeBron James, Dame Lillard, and more below.

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