Future Superstars’ Is Coming To VH1

Nick Cannon is set to captivate audiences nationwide with a new docuseries that follows his Future Superstars tour.

Nick Cannon is set to captivate audiences nationwide with a new docuseries that follows his Future Superstars tour.

“Nick Cannon Presents: Future Superstars” is coming to VH1 on Tuesday, November 21, and will take viewers on a coast-to-coast journey during the Future Superstars Tour 2023. The new docuseries showcases the remarkable talents of nine emerging artists featured on Cannon’s nationwide tour who share their journey to follow their dreams and become the next generation of music superstars.

Produced by VH1 and Ncredible Entertainment and hosted by Cannon himself, the docuseries shares the success stories of artists Big Boss Vette, DW Flame, Hitman Holla, JD McCrary, Jilly, Klondike Blonde, Pop Money, Symba and Trae Two Three. With the artists being on the cusp of making their mark in the music industry, each half-hour episode delves into their unique musical gifts and personal journeys to highlight how to make it in music and inspire other dreamers who are on their paths to greatness.

The series finale takes a look back at the artists’ progression throughout the season and sees their growth on stage as acts in Cannon’s Future Superstars tour. Created by Cannon to “fill a void” in the music industry, the former child star turned media mogul is hopeful of bringing the fun back into entertainment.

“I felt like there was a void in the marketplace,” Cannon tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I came up during those times of “106th and Park” and “TRL” and, even the likes of “Soul Train” where these were like curation stations of how we were introduced to new talent in the journeys.”

Inspired by the likes of Berry Gordy and the Motown era when legendary artists like Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder toured the country together on the same tour bus. Now with “Future Superstars,” a new generation will get to experience the magic that can happen when you put hungry artists together on one stage.

“I feel like we’re in the middle of a great moment,” Cannon says. “We may have lost a little bit of that in today’s music industry. So I just wanted to offer that up and share that experience with the acts on season one.”

Press play below for the full interview and catch “Nick Cannon Presents: Future Superstars” on VH1 on Tuesday, November 21 starting at 9 PM ET/PT.

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