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George Santos expelled from Congress in historic vote

Embattled Republican Representative George Santos has been expelled from the House of Representatives in an historic vote.

Santos, who won his seat in an upset victory in 2022, has been dogged by scandal, corruption and felony charges.

The vote to oust Santos was quick and unceremonious. Following a lengthy discussion, debate and vote on a small business lending rule, the expulsion resolution was opened for a vote.

“The unfinished business is to vote on House Resolution 878,” the presiding member said as representatives milled about in the chamber.

The House Clerk then read the resolution’s title: “A resolution providing for the expulsion of Representatives George Santos from the US House of Representatives.”

In just five minutes, 311 of Santos’s colleagues (including 105 Republicans) voted to oust him from Congress.

It’s the first time in 21 years that Congress has expelled a US Representative. Santos becomes just the sixth person expelled from Congress. He also becomes the only Representative expelled without a criminal conviction or charges of fighting for the Confederacy.

Ethics committee report detailing misuse of campaign funds sealed Santos’s fate

Santos’s expulsion comes after the House Ethics Committee released a damning report detailing the Congressman’s misuse of campaign funds. An extensive investigation revealed Santos used thousands of dollars from campaign donors for personal expenses. Those expenses included Botox injections, Only Fans subscriptions, and shopping sprees at Hermes.

Santos spoke with reporters on his way out of the Capitol following the vote to expel him.

“Why would I want to stay here?” Santos told a CNN reporter. “To Hell with this place!”

As reporters continued asking Santos questions, he eventually responded “You know what? As unofficially no longer a member of Congress, I no longer have to answer your questions.”

With Santos’s office vacant, the House clerk will now manage the Congressman’s DC office. His New York district office remains open to support constituent needs.

An official letter notifying New York Governor Kathy Hochul of the vacancy will be sent from the House clerk. Governor Hochul will then call for a special election to fill the vacant seat.

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