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Get A First Look At Mike And Kyra Epps’ New HGTV Series, ‘Buying Back The Block’

Get A First Look At Mike And Kyra Epps’ New HGTV Series, ‘Buying Back The Block’
Courtesy of Mike and Kyra Epps

Last year, we reported that comedian Mike Epps and his wife Kyra were coming out with a TV show on HGTV. Titled Buying Back The Block, it’s almost time for us to grab some popcorn and watch them transform Mike’s native Indianapolis. The home improvement show is based on the star literally “buying back the block” by buying and renovating several homes where he grew up.

In the trailer, the comedian can be seen riding through the neighborhood and speaking about how he bought six homes his family was evicted from. Not only do they want to renovate homes on the block–they also want to make them more affordable. One of their first projects was renovating the old firehouse in their neighborhood and turning it into “Big Blue,” their home.

Back in March, he was on The Jennifer Hudson Show discussing the new series and shared his inspiration behind the renovations. 

“Me and my wife, we started buying houses early on in gentrified neighborhoods,” he told Hudson. “You could get a house for $5! Now they’re worth $200,000.”

Mike, 52, continued, “I started buying the houses, [and] as the neighborhoods progress, I told my wife, ‘We need to go back and get us a show on HGTV!’” he said. 

According to The Upshaws star, Kyra does most of the work while he funds the projects. 

“My mom definitely inspired [the show],” he added. “My mom passed away in 2020, rest her soul. My mom loved interior decorating, that was her thing.” 

He recalled her watching home renovation shows like This Old House and having Better Homes and Gardens books around their home. 

“My mom inspired us,” the You People actor reflected. 

Mike and Kyra met in 2017 and decided to become husband and wife two years later in 2019. The beautiful family have two children together, Mike Jr. who was born in October 2021 and their daughter, Indiana Rose, who came into the world in March 2020. He also has four daughters–Madison, Moriah, Makayla, and Bria–from previous relationships.

Excited about watching the show? You can catch it on HGTV Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 9 and 10 a.m. (ET).

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