Grocery Deliverer Returns $400 Order After Not Receiving Tip

The tipping conversation continues to gain more traction after a grocery deliverer returning a $400 order after not receiving a tip went viral.

The video, posted to TikTok by the account @shisugum, garnered millions of views after the delivery woman proceeded to placed the items ordered back in her trunk after discovering that the buyers did not tip her, despite the bill being for hundreds of dollars.

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While neither party’s identity has been disclosed publicly, the video details the driver arguing with the receiving couple over the matter. In the confrontation, the woman explained how tedious it was to bring the items to the recipient’s home.

“You should see how much work this was and why I should be getting a tip because of how much work this was,” shared the service work as detailed by Unilad.

“No, you don’t deserve a tip, you’re crushing the ramen noodles for one,” one of the customers, a woman, countered.”

Upon realizing the couple would not change their mind, the delivery person began to place the items back in her car, letting them know that they can get another driver to fulfill their order without getting a tip. After noting they would report her behavior and she would likely be fired—the other customer, a man, asked who the would know she’s returned the food to the store—the woman remained adamant in her stance.

The tipping debate has received greater attention in recent years as new sectors of tipping, in regards to food and grocery delivery, has become more mainstream. Wherever one falls on the issue, service workers will continue to advocate for a living wage and tipping can help ensure that they receive it.

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