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Haunted Destinations To Visit In Europe This Halloween

Halloween is on the way and many travelers are looking for all the haunts and ghouls for a fun scare. For those visiting Europe, there are plenty of haunted destinations to explore throughout the spooky season.

There’s a ton of castles rumored to be overflowing with ghosts and legendary waterways where love met its folly. For those with a real taste for horror, there are even a few haunted hotels and inns to spend a night. Here are five haunted destinations to visit in Europe this Halloween. 

Hampton Court Palace

Haunted destinations
Photo credit: Tom Podmore

If you find yourself in London around Halloween, stop through Hampton Court Palace. The palace was once the home of King Henry VIII and his wife Catherine Howard. After being accused of adultery and treason, Catherine was sentenced to death and beheaded. Now her spirit haunts the gallery of the court palace. Visitors report seeing her ghost running through the gallery screaming for mercy as she heads to her death. 

Celtic Hauntings In Ireland

Halloween celebrations are inspired by ancient Celtic traditions and festivals. It’s only right to slide through Ireland for some spooky travel fun. There are many haunts to explore in Ireland. So many that it would be impossible to list all of the scary experiences to have in the country. However, a few are more notable than others. For frightening excitement in Ireland, make a stop at Loftus Hall rumored to be haunted by the Devil. The Leap Castle has been featured on many television specials where the spirits run amuck. For a bit of haunted crypt exploration, take a tour of the soul-ridden St. Michigan Church. 

Dublin’s Hellfire Club

haunted destinations
Photo credit: Diogo Palhais

Speaking of Irish haunts, the Dublin Hellfire Club is probably the last nightlife venue travelers want to pop into. However, for some scary moments, it’s on top of the list. The Hellfire Club is said to be haunted due to all of the heinous, evil, and ritualistic happenings that took place there. The evil energy still dwells in the structure from years of Satanist meetings and human and animal sacrifices in the club. Some even say the building is built on top of an ancient burial site. Today, the Hellfire Club is still standing. The building is abandoned and fire-damaged on the inside. However, travelers can still check it out and climb to the top for great views of Dublin. 

Reina Sofia Museum

Located in Madrid, the Reina Sofia Museum is full of relics and artwork to explore for hours. It is also rumored to be haunted. Locals believe the museum is built on top of the unmarked graves of indigenous people. Thus, the hauntings. However, the museum used to be a hospital. Many say the ghosts of deceased patients roam the halls of the museum unable to cross over to the other side. For the creepiest museum experience of your life, be sure to visit the Reina Sofia Museum.  

The River Reie In Bruges

river in Europe
Photo credit: Michael Maga-ao

Perhaps the destination with the most chilling story is the River Reie in Bruges. Many Belgian locals know the story of the monk and nun who haunt the river. Legend has it that a monk fell in love with a nun who lived in Bruges. When she denied his pursuits, he murdered her. Her body is rumored to be buried along the river and his ghost wanders the banks at night looking for the nun’s soul. The River Reie is a great destination for a haunted lover’s stroll on Halloween night for those who aren’t scared of the dark.

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