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Health Matters: Sonja Norwood Addresses Her Visit To The Hospital After Reaction To IV Therapy

Health Matters: Sonja Norwood Addresses Her Visit To The Hospital After Reaction To IV Therapy

The matriarch of the Norwood family, Sonja Norwood, took to Facebook to clear up rumors about her health scare that led to a stay in the emergency room, initially published by TMZ on November 6th. According to TMZ, Norwood began feeling light-headed during her home IV treatment. Intravenous (IV) therapy administers fluids directly into a vein, with water, medication, blood, or nutrients, to access the body faster through the circulatory system; treatment is usually supposed to yield great results. Allegedly, the IV therapy Norwood received was a mix of C and B vitamins, as well as calcium and magnesium, as it’s meant to boost a patient’s immune system. Still, side effects can include infection, rashes, blood clots, air embolism, and more, and the manager had a negative reaction.

However, according to a recent report from, her hospital visit due to the at-home IV drip weeks ago was “It was not a big deal.”

She addressed her health status on Facebook, “Thank God I am not in the hospital. I’m doing great!” she wrote in the post. “I did have a negative reaction to an IV VITAMIN Therapy WEEKS AGO! I went to the hospital and got a big Grade A on my medical reports. It’s known that I seek medical attention if there could be a potential health issue at my age. That is about it! Nothing more or less!”

Norwood has been particularly quiet over the years, as she prefers to avoid speaking on headlines in the press, but made an exception in this instance due to being overwhelmed by friends and family who were concerned about her health and well-being. 

“I don’t usually address stories about myself, but I was quite surprised to wake up to a call from a long-time friend/publicist asking, “Sonja, are you in the hospital, and are you okay?” “What? Where is that coming from,” I asked,” she explained.

According to Norwood, she was unaware that a story had been made about her health from TMZ and “frowned” when she saw it. 

“I had no idea the responses would be so huge that I couldn’t address them individually, so I felt the need to say something publicly.”

Additionally, contacted the Norwood family and was told that “Ms. Sonja is all good.”

We hope to continue to see Norwood in good and healthy spirits.

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