Homecoming Hopping Do’s And Don’ts

We Asked, You Answered.

Every HBCU student and alumni’s favorite time of the year is coming up – yes, we’re talking about homecoming. Homecoming season is just around the corner, a time of celebration, reuniting with old friends and classmates, tailgating, and representing your school. However, not everyone goes back to their school for homecoming. Whether it’s scheduling conflicts or just wanting to experience something new, many people partake in ‘homecoming hopping,’ where they attend another school’s homecoming celebrations. 

We recently asked our followers to give us their do’s and don’ts for homecoming and you all dropped gems in our comment section. Based on your answers here are Homecoming Hopping Do’s and Don’ts!

1Do: Respect the School’s Traditions :

“Represent but be respectful; that’s all.”

“Respect the school’s traditions and taboos, and if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Act as if you’re a guest in someone’s house; be respectful and enjoy yourself.”

“Always be respectful.”

2Don’t: Compare Homecomings : 

“Represent your HBCU, but don’t compare your school to others.”

“Don’t make comparisons between homecomings.”

“Show respect, blend in, and support the home team; avoid comparing homecomings.”

3Do: Network and Meet New People

“Network, don’t be afraid to meet new people, don’t go out alone, and always respect that you’re not in your city where things may operate differently.”

“Homecoming tours are the best. Have fun, stay aware of your surroundings, make new acquaintances, and always be respectful.”

4Don’t: Go With Ill Intentions (i.e. Leave The Foolishness At Home!)

“Don’t behave recklessly; use the common sense your school instilled in you, or don’t come.

“Please, no violence.”

“Make your own wave. vibe off the school and bring ya character and good intentions around the melanin homecomings please. Nobody wanna see you ruin it for everybody. Sneaky Links must be real sneaky. And no means no fellas.”

5Do: Go With a Group

“Always stay with a trusted friend.”

“Don’t attend alone.”

6Do’s and Don’ts For the Greeks

“If you’re Greek, make sure to check in.”

“Make sure to check in at the plots.”

“Don’t jump in the front or middle of the chapter line; go to the back.”

“If you’re Greek, check in with your chapter, wear your school’s gear, network, find friends from the same school, check the weather, and bring a cup.”

Homecoming season at HBCUs is a surefire good time no matter what campus you go to, so if you do plan on homecoming hopping this year, remember these tips to enhance your experience. Happy homecoming!

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