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Invest Fest Afterparty Hosted By Rubi Rose

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Back at it again with the hottest thirst traps of the week amid trending celebrity headlines including Jada Pinkett Smith revealing the she and Will Smith have been separated since 2016, Drake etussling with Joe Budden over his polarizing new album For All The Dogs, Jeannie Mai breaking her silence about Jeezy’s divorce filing, Eddie Murphy starring in his first holiday Comedy, and much more.

As promised, we’ve compiled swoon-worthy stunners (and our thirst-trappin’ celebrity faves) with Chlöe Bailey making her return to the series after setting off a massive thirst typhoon with her tropical glazed YAMS on the gram.

The “Have Mercy” singer flaunted her Gawdly bawwwdy in a super sexy St. Lucia photoshoot that trended across the internet.

At this point, we’re sure her (single?) crush Michael B. Jordan saw the top-tier thirst traps and considered sliding into her DMs if he hasn’t already.

You may recall Chlöe seemingly shooting her shot at the thirsted over actor during an appearance on The Dotty Show.

“Michael B. Jordan is my celebrity crush,” sahe said without hesitation. “I been said that in interviews — even like years ago.”

As the conversation continued, Bailey revealed that while she has been open about her crush in interviews, she hadn’t told Jordan in person.

“I don’t shoot my shot,” she explained to Dotty, who went on to ask how Jordan would know of her feelings. “I don’t know,” Bailey replied.

Naturally, Dotty encouraged the singer to send the actor a DM on Instagram expressing her feelings, but Chloe didn’t seem too fond of that idea.

“You could be blocking your blessings and I know you’re big on blessings,” she told Bailey.

“I know I’m big on blessings, but I’m like, God will bring my blessings to me when they’re supposed to be here,” Bailey said.

The 25-year-old went on to explain that when we try to “force” our blessings, we can “block other blessings” from actually finding their way to us.

As that portion of the interview wrapped up, Dotty asked the star what she favors about Michael B. Jordan which got the singer to laugh and blush.

“Wow! Look at you, blushing like he’s in the room!” Dotty said. “That’s crazy! Just from thinking about him!”

This week’s compilation features Toni Braxton delivering heat along with Rubi Rose and Tori Brixx giving what needs to be gave.

There’s also big baddie energy from Kaylar Will, Katt Von, and Daalischus so we invite you to enjoy our latest collection of top-tier thirst traps on the flip.

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