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How Many Casinos In Nz

Despite this, the 2016 Olympic Games briefly shifted the world’s attention to this country. As a result, the biggest names in gambling have been working hard to tap into this massive market. While there have been controversies surrounding gambling in New Zealand, the country’s massive potential has been largely untapped.

Legality of online gambling in New Zealand

The New Zealander government prohibits online gambling, with the exception of poker. However, New Zealanders cannot be prosecuted for playing on international sites. While the country has no state-licensed casinos, New Zealand does allow horse-racing betting. There are no legal land-based casinos in New Zealand, and no companies have been licensed to operate online casinos. This doesn’t mean that New Zealanders can’t play at foreign casinos, however.

Legalized gambling is not likely to be introduced until after the October elections, but the New Zealander Chamber of Deputies has been working on legislation to reshape the New Zealander gaming industry. The Chamber recently passed a proposal allowing the executive branch to create Health and Tourism Lotteries, which would allow for private entities to run the gambling operations. However, President Bolsonaro still must give the green light to the new legislation before it can become law.

Legalizing electronic gambling is a sensible solution to the problem. Without regulation, the illegal market grows, generating great losses in tax revenue for the state. It also increases the variety of products offered to players and compromises public support for social functions.



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