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How To Dress For A Black Tie Event

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 
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Getting dressed for any event can be daunting but, a black-tie event can be even more stressful to find something that works. Even with the most specific dress codes sometimes you can still feel unsure about what to wear. Luckily stylist Sharifa Morris and Dione Davis, a stylist and editor at Love Want magazine have the tips we need to be dressed to perfection at any black tie event. Morris, who has styled stunning spreads for i-D and Document Journal expresses that thinking about luxury before you buy it is essential.  This means you have to first exude decadent energy in order to channel it. “It doesn’t matter what the look costs. You are expensive because you are. No black tie look is complete without this aura,” Morris shared. Davis adds that getting dressed for a black-tie event is about telling a full story with your looks. She goes on to share that when she thinks about her dream closet for upscale gatherings she immediately feels pulled towards New York designer Christopher John Rogers

For many, comfort may also be important. To that point, Morris also suggests prioritizing comfort is needed when deciding what you’ll be wearing to a gala, a fundraiser, or an overall event that calls for black-tie attire.  While these events give “beauty is pain” at times, that doesn’t have to be the idea you subscribe to. Morris says her biggest faux pas is looking visibly uncomfortable. “Make sure whatever you are wearing you can walk, sit, and move with ease,” she said. Her main objective is always effortlessness, so she lets that guide her. Another tip she mentions is accessorizing to add an extra layer of glam to your look, from a small bag to hold the essentials like flats, your phone, and lipgloss to fine or elevated costume jewelry. Even a headpiece is a good touch in her eyes. 

Below both stylists picked out some lovely pieces for you to scroll through and add to your cart for your next black tie event. 

Christopher John Rogers One Shoulder Midi Dress, $1,595

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“I’m actually angry that I don’t go to enough black tie events and I’d like that to change.” -Dione Davis

Christopher John Rogers Bow-Detail Gown, $1,295

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“This rip-stop dress with an extravagant bow mixed with contrasting white bow feels elegant.” -Dione Davis

Khaite The River Pump, $1,100

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“For shoes, I’d do something fun and colorful like these.” -Dione Davis

Niklass Skovgaard Dress, $1,526

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“This Niklass Skovgaard dress with the brown pump leaves me with no notes. I’d add a black satin evening bag because I don’t believe in hard evening bags. Someone gripping a tiny hard case for dear life with their belongings feels unhinged to me.” -Sharifa Morris

Gigi Burris Lyra Cascade Comb, $140

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“Love a headpiece, nothing more chic when [it’s] done right.” -Sharifa Morris

Brioni Men’s Textured Two-Piece Suit, $6,300

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“Black-tie can read a bit dull and I love when people use this moment to challenge themselves and their expression. Especially in the menswear department. Play with nonblack sets like a rich navy or brown.” -Sharifa Morris

Balenciaga Marie Antoinette Pump, $1,900

How To Dress For A Black Tie Event 

“Make sure you can walk in [high pumps]. I can’t emphasize that enough. If your feet hurt you either are going to have to pump or go home.” -Sharifa Morris

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