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How To Find Out Your New Bae’s Travel Style

So you just got into a new relationship and you can already feel a baecation brewing in your bones. However, you’re unsure about what your new partner likes travel-wise. This can make it difficult to plan a trip with your boo. However, they may have dropped some subtle hints that could help you uncover their travel style. 

Different travelers like different things even if they’re in a relationship with one another. Gauging your new boo’s travel preferences can seem like a conundrum. After all, you don’t want to book a fancy resort for someone who really only cares about adventures outside of the room. To help you figure out the best approach to your first trip with a new partner, here are a few travel styles to look out for when trying to understand how your bae likes to travel.

The Accommodation Admirer 

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If your bae is an accommodation admirer, they probably are always mentioning the newest resorts, hotels, and travel amenities. They are more than likely a member of a hotel loyalty program and are very particular about where they stay when on vacation. These travelers aren’t the type you can throw in a cheap motel because the entire day will be spent outside of the room. Accommodations matter to them and there’s no way around it.

Once you realize your bae is the accommodation type, cater to their travel style by booking lush hotels and vacation rental experiences. This includes high-quality sleeping spaces, top-notch amenities, and easy access to tourist attractions.

The Bougie Adventurist

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The bougie adventurist is always seeking thrills and fun around every corner. Subtle hints your new partner is an adventure-loving traveler may include suggesting risky, adrenaline excursions for date nights. They might be outdoor enthusiasts and love adventures in nature like hiking, spelunking, or watersports. Either way, these folks could care less about glamor and instead seek out ways to keep the adrenaline pumping when on vacation. 

When booking a trip with a bougie adventurist, consider inquiring about what adventures they’ve never tried before. This can also help you fine-tune destination selection based on what type of adventures await in different places. Whether it’s diving from the sky, mountain hiking in Belize, or dirt bike riding in Mexico, this travel type wants to spend every moment living life to the max.

The Foodie Traveler 

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Restaurants and gastronomic offerings are at the top of the list for the foodie traveler. This travel style isn’t hard to spot in a new bae. More than likely, they’ve already taken you to a few of their favorite restaurants. They’re always on the lookout for new places to eat and stay researching new cuisines to try on TikTok. For these people, food matters when it comes to traveling. 

Planning trips with a food-loving bae isn’t difficult. Just make sure you don’t skip any meals. Do some research on the best restaurants and eateries in the destination you’re visiting. For a fun adventure, create a food itinerary mapping out the dining options from beginning to end.

The Self-Care Addict

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Unlike the other travel types, the self-care addict is into something a little different. These people have discovered the beauty of slow-paced travel. They don’t mind taking their time to get somewhere. They’ll choose a road trip or train ride over air travel and they are always looking for new ways to take care of themselves.

When planning a trip for these travelers, keep self-care at the forefront. Don’t overcrowd the trip with excursions and activities. Instead, be mindful of their time and incorporate a bunch of breaks and rest sessions into the day. These travelers like being able to enjoy every moment in mindfulness instead of filling every moment doing an activity. 

Believe it or not, some travelers are a mix of all of these travel styles. Others have unique preferences that help them make every trip iconic. Cater to your partners’ travel love language by doing some digging into their personal travel styles.

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