Howard Alum Secures Position As First-Ever Beyoncé Reporter

A Howard University alum has secured the highly sought-after position as the world’s first-ever Beyoncé Reporter.

A Howard University alum has secured the highly sought-after position as the first-ever Beyoncé Reporter.

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, USA Today Network announced Caché McClay as the journalist assigned to exclusively cover all things Beyoncé. The seasoned entertainment journalist has worked for the likes of NBC News, BBC News, and TMZ, and will now focus her efforts on Queen Bey’s concerts, business ventures, and her upcoming “Renaissance” film documenting her world tour.

The established journalist and proud Bey Hive member is excited to embark on the first-of-its-kind position.

“I’m honored to be in this position. I’m so excited to get down to the nitty-gritty of Beyoncé,” McClay says.

“She is such a renowned name in our culture, in the industry around the world. And there’s so much content to uncover with her. So I’m honored to be able to laser focus on those things one step at a time.”

“I grew up in a Beyoncé household, and her melodies were often my alarm on Saturday mornings — and certainly on the playlist for my family’s weekly cleaning rituals,” McKay continued. “Moreover, I saw firsthand the impact Beyoncé had on my mom and sister as Black women, and that trickled down to me. Not only were we moved by her music, but we were moved by her remarkable worldwide achievements.”

The position, along with one for a Taylor Swift, received widespread media attention when it was announced in September. Along with McKay, Gannett, USA Today and The Tennessean’s parent company also hired journalist Bryan West as the newspaper network’s dedicated Taylor Swift reporter.

McKay will be busy as “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” is set to hit theaters on December 1. The film follows the global superstar as she performs her hit songs in live shows throughout Europe and the U.S.A. and discusses the creative process behind her world tour.

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