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Is Cozumel Safe? What To Know Before You Go

Cozumel, Mexico is an island in the Caribbean Sea that is a well-known cruise ship port. It is a popular tourist destination known for its tranquil waters that are perfect for scuba diving and observing marine life. It is home to some of the best diving sites and has a reef system that is the second largest in the world (second to the Great Barrier Reef). The extensive amount of sea life and thriving coral make Cozumel a great place to explore the depths of the turquoise waters. 

There are many exciting things to do while in Cozumel. Since the island has plenty of nature and wildlife tours, the Mesoamerican reef system is one of the most popular attractions in the area. The beaches, namely the Punta Sur Ecological Beach Park, offer an excellent backdrop for a serene tropical vacation. Travelers can also visit El Cedral Cozumel, which is the oldest Mayan ruin on the island and was built around 800 AD. 

Isla Cozumel is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean and is a dream destination for many different types of travelers. It offers a more laid-back feel for travelers compared to more popular vacation spots in Mexico. For travelers wanting to visit Mexico, safety is always a concern. Thankfully, Cozumel provides a unique and seemingly safe experience for travelers since it is separate from mainland Mexico. 

Tourist Safety 

Learn more about the safety of tourists in Cozumel, Mexico. 
pictured: Cozumel, Mexico's beach with tourists enjoying the turquoise waters near a boat

There is a significantly lower amount of crime in Cozumel compared to other areas of Mexico. In general, Cozumel is considered a pretty safe place to travel to and has a low rate of crime (with a rating of 33.33 out of 100, which is low on the index and a positive score compared to Mexico City’s rating of 78.02). Due to the island’s separation from mainland Mexico, there is a difference between the island’s culture and, therefore, safety. The island is accustomed to high levels of tourists and has been a popular tourist destination since the 1960s, so travelers can come and go safely.

Travel Advisories

Since Cozumel is a generally safe destination, there are no areas that travelers need to worry about avoiding. Local police patrol the island, which is a cruise port, so Cozumel is heavily monitored to ensure the safety of both cruise passengers and visitors. It is recommended that travelers utilize travel advisories like the U.S. Department of State’s (or regional equivalents) to get a more thorough idea of places to visit and avoid during their time in Mexico. Travelers should take regular precautions to avoid petty crimes while in Cozumel, like keeping valuables safe, ensuring taxis are licensed, and staying in well lit areas.

Public Health Safety 

Cozumel is an island that offers a safe haven for travelers that do not want the buzz of other Mexican destinations.
pictured: A street in Cozumel filled with street vendors and shops

For first-time or repeat travelers to Mexico, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the food and water of the country. Although some accommodations may use a filtration system for their water, it is best never to drink tap water. This means travelers should secure bottled drinking water for everything, including brushing their teeth and washing produce. If travelers do not follow any safety precautions to ensure they do not consume tap water they may contract water-borne digestive issues.

Washing your hands routinely and carrying hand sanitizer with a high alcohol content is important while traveling in general. In Mexico, this will come in handy for travels between excursions. It is also recommended that travelers have Pedialyte while traveling through Mexico, since it helps with digestive sickness and potential hangovers. 

Safest Times To Visit

Cozumel, Mexico is a popular destination for relaxing and safe vacations. 
pictured: A Cozumel beach with white sand and lush green palm trees


The best times to visit Cozumel are from March to June. Between these times, travelers will experience the best weather. Moderate temperatures of 60 to 90 degrees are typical and travelers can avoid the hurricane season. This is especially important for visitors that want to enjoy the beach with aquatic adventures or do not want to be baked by the sun. Marine life lovers will enjoy this season since the sea turtles begin to make their nests on Cozumel. 

Avoid Crowds

Travelers who want to avoid the Mexico spring break experience should plan to visit Cozumel from May and October. Although Cozumel is not as popular as Cancun and generally offers a more relaxed experience, travelers will find they can avoid the busy season during this time of year.

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